Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fun: September 2013


September 28, 2013

Please in the world named after the authors! :)

Stang: a lot in America, and some scattered among the Pacific Islands!

Crispymint: Mainly in east America, and a few near Australia. 

Snowytaco: America and Europe!

Want to know places named after you? Go on Google Maps and type in your name/username in the search, and tah-dah! :D

September 27, 2013

We might have some giveaways and contests soon! :)
I'm just posting this on the Fun page because you guys don't really seem to read the contests page that much.

September 26, 2013

A cute otter pun :)

September 25, 2013

:3 A little duck joke....

Ducks aren't the only waterfowl with advice to share...

September 24, 2013

A lot of funny animal Puns ^-^

This is a little pun/story :P
All the animal puns!

Sorry it's kinda like a copy of the recent 15 Puns from a few days ago.
You guys are probably thinking, post something new, it's getting boa-ring.
Okay, sorry about all the puns :P

Also, here's a lil quote form Snowytaco:
"Enought with the puns!!!" D:
Okai, bai!

September 23, 2013

Sorry I didn't post yesterday on Fun >.<
(I was pretty busy. )

Anyway, here's a joke!

What's brown and sticky?

(No it's not poop.)

Ready for the answer?

A stick! :P

September 21, 2013

Hi jammers! I made some new puns! ^-^

Cat Puns:
Lynx = links
kitten = kiddin'
whiskers = whispers

Dog Puns:

ruff = rough

September 20, 2013

Crispymint has 5 really funny/cute puns! :)

Thanks for reading! ^-^
If you have any funny puns, put them in the comments :)

September 19, 2013

15 funny animal memes/puns! :)

I love puns.

Just a colourful pun

So I heard imgur loves puns.


Wow! Those were some great animal puns.
But I didn't make them. Click this to go to the website where I got them from :)

September 17, 2013

Cat puns! Also, send in your puns, because Crispymint and Snowytaco puns have been canceled (their choice).

I heard the cat puns are like mew-sic to your ears, so I made a whole mew-seum of cat puns for you! Paws an take a look. :P

mew-sic = music
mew = you
lion = lyin'
cheetah = cheater
purr-fect = perfect
paws = pause
im-paw-ster = imposter
a-lions = alliance
tigered = tired
fur = for
Santa claws = Santa Claus
Wazard of Paws = Wizard of Oz
kitten = kiddin'
tail = tale
feline = feelin'
lynx = links
puma finger = pull my finger

Thanks for reading! If you have anymore cool puns (don't have to be Stang/Cat related, just appropriate), feel free to comment them along with your username if you want credit. :D

September 16, 2013

This week is FUN PUNS week on "Fun"! :D

We're starting with author puns! :) Try to guess what word the author's name has been combined with :D


6.Stang Wars
7.Stangles Baseball
10.The Big Stang Theory
11.Stangnam Style
12.Stranger Stanger
14. Boomestang

The answers:

1. Tangerines
2. Tangeled (movie)
3. That one is already an automobile company
4. Tango, a dance
5. Angle
6. Star Wars
7. Angles Baseball
8. Pangolin (an animal)
9. Pangaea (the world's first super-continent)
10. The Big Bang Theory (movie series)
11. Gangnam Style
12. Stranger Danger
13. Manga
14. Boomerang

Tomorrow will be Crispymint Puns :)

September 15, 2013

I made a chant about Animal Jam Buddies! :)
(I based this off Cartoon Network's advertisement for Adventure Time, except I change the stuff you like and part of the ending.)

Do you like Animal Jam?
Do you like buddies?
Do you like daily items?
Do you like cheats?
Do you like tricks?
Do you like fun?
Do you like small communities?
Do you like parties?
Do you like chat?
Do you like memes?
Do you like strawberry jam?
Do you like cassowaries?
Do you like glitches?
Do you like weekly polls?
Do you like special stuff?
Do you like fish?
Do you like free betas?
Do you like tangerines?
Do you like crispy mints?
Do you like snowy tacos?
Do you like authors?
Do you like blogs?
Do you like videos?
Do you like jokes?
Do you like Animal Jam Buddies?

If these are all the things you like, then join us everyday at night!

(Note: I was going to put before night, but it was too many syllables, so I decided to put 'fore, but I found out that fore is a real word that means after.)

September 15, 2013

Hey jammers!
A finny picture of a kangaroo wearing a fox hat. It cover's their entire face! (Fox mask?)
Crispymint got this picture:

September 13, 2013

Hai! :P

I'm not going to post this poll until maybe tomorrow, but when I visited the blog (most likely replying to one of you guy's comments), I saw this funny lil thing on the poll.

Votes so far: 23
Hour's so far: 23

Teehee! Coincidental stuff :P

Hey, I heard you like pages, so check out the new Art page! :)

I have a feeling some of you guys were thinking that it would be a yo dawg I head you like (something) type of saying right when you read the "hey, I heard you like part" XD

September 7, 2013

Hi! I haven't posted on "Fun" for quite a while, eh?

Earlier, I said that I would put stuff on "Fun" every single day, but apparently I didn't. Sorry...

But honestly, I figured that no stuff is better than cheesy stuff. I'll probably just put up a poll about that.

So now you're wondering, how is this "Fun"?

So here's a picture....

Put two penguin toys facing each other so the soccer balls are almost in the same place, but put them a little bit apart.
The toys will start blinking (the annoying battle in AJ where stuff fights to be in the front) and it will look like the penguins are kicking the soccer ball to each other. It's pretty cool :D
Maybe you can get a lot of toys (they don't have to be penguins) and make them all face the same way and make them be a almost in the same place as the one before it so then when they blink, it looks like it's moving in one direction.

Note: I took this picture in one of our blog reader's den. Basically, I take pictures where ever I go. I was thinking about taking pictures of this other random thing that happened to me while I was doing that, but I'll just tell you guys in a story. 
So I was playing on Stang and Stangbuddies at the same time. I was talking to one of our blog readers when I went back to check on my stang account. It was really weird. There was a lightning-streaked wolf standing right next to me saying something like "AZA MAMA MIA!!!"
It was kinda funny but awkward at the same time XD

September 6 and a half, 2013

Heheheh... I played AJ today and got a few pictures...


Hehehehe.. irresistible marshy  mallow....

Ooops it's a fox. Eh...


Check out this cool den! It's looks like a school. 

:P Playing Animal Jam on Animal Jam!


September 6, 2013

Things on "Fun" are getting a little cheesy
Hence, the cheesy joke. 

Should I post on "Fun" less often or just update you everyday with the daily cheese?

Anyway, talking about cheese.... here's a cheesy joke.

Did you heard the joke about the pizza?


It was too cheesy :P

September 5, 2013

Here's a little mystery! If you write a really awesome story, you'll get a spot on the Super Special comments thing on the blog! (It hasn't changed for weeks!)

Near the bottom part of the Phantom Adventures Base Camp lays a strange cave..
What could be in it?

(And Stang's special question: What's the point of even having it there, AJHQ?)

September 4, 2013

Here's a REALLY cheesy joke, but it relates to AJ Animals so yeah..

Q: What did the wolf say when it saw a kangaroo?


(Wolves say arooo a lot and it fits into it's name. ^-^)

September 3, 2013

Background story: If you type a % sign, it doesn't show in AJ. But I got around that obstacle... >:)

Who says you can't say % in Animal Jam?

Also, this doesn't have much to do with fun, but I didn't want to include it with the main post because it wasn't that important and everyone has pretty much already seen this, but the Kimbara Outback came out when we had the cartoon map, so this is what ti now looks like. 

Also.. Hey, what's that island? A new land? Maybe our den? (How do you fit 10,000,000+ dens there though?)

Well, check back on Fun everyday!

September 2, 2013

Hey jammers! Here's my Santa impersonating buddy.
Honestly, it's pretty creepy XD


September 1, 2013

Hey jammers! It's Stang.

I have a lot of news!

I will try to start posting on Fun EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Yep, that means 365 days of fun a year! :)

Anyway, as I said yesterday, there will be a SUPER HUGE post on Fun today, so let's get started!

Snowytaco and I were having a random donut party so were became penguins and started doing random stuff.

Let there be light!!! (Ironically, I'm standing right next to a lantern XD)

Mario and Luigi! :D

XD This always makes me laugh... Fat penguins :P

And penguin twins! That was kind the end of the donut party. 
But thing is, we don't have donuts... :T

I got more pictures, but I'm going to do something special with them. 

Here's a hint: Subscribe to me on YouTube! :D


  1. lol, I read everything. The animal puns were not bad at all! Also, a boy in my choir told me about the "What is brown and sticky?" I was so stuck it was hilarious! Keep up the amazing (and hilarious) blog!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much ^-^
      I 'll keep up the amazing-ness ;)


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