Friday, October 30, 2015

The Halloween Update and Pretty Much Everything That Happened In Between

Hey buddies, it's Stang.

I haven't seen you guys in a while. Today, for Halloween (or early/late Halloween), I decided to check out Animal Jam and give everyone a little update.

I didn't play Animal Jam in a really long time so everything's pretty nostalgic and I tend to go crazy in my mind about certain things haha. I guess this blog is pretty much a blog for old Animal Jam players who want to catch up on their old possibly-favorite game every now and then. I don't know about you, but I fit that category.

Happy Night of the Phantoms! :)

They have new loading slides this year and they turned out great!

Here's the Halloween edition Jamma Journal. Like last year, it's been, er, "modified" by the phantoms. Anyway, there's a ton of new phantom-themed items and events. 

Steampunk Parlor items are coming to stores! Woohoo, I can't wait! Steampunk stuff looks so cool. 

There's a lot of new items, which I'll show you later in the post, and people have been playing Bitter Sweets (an adventure) a lot. 

There's a new animal! I wonder what it is...

Okay so I was really lazy and didn't want to find the hint so I just searched it up and it's rumored to be a bat (could it be a non-member flying animal? :D). However, this random jammer says otherwise. 

Here's an advertisement for a polar bear gift card. 

The Halloween theme is abundant throughout the lands! I also want to say that name tags no longer show! You can only see them on the pop-up. Honestly, I never got the point of them but they're just so... nostalgic. 

Wow wow, what's this new thing? If you click on the game icon on the top bar, a shortcut to all the games will appear!

These obviously aren't all the new items but you get the idea.

There's mostly old things in-store, but a few new items have been added, like the "Big Hair with Curlers" (very scary, 10/10) and the Bread Hat (I love this!!). 

In the furniture shop, most items are spooky, glitchy, pumpkin or Halloween themed. The glitchy theme looks so amazing, but why is the cauldron pool even a thing... like aren't you supposed to cook stuff in there, not swim in it?

There's a new pet elephant and a returning tarantula. 

Lynxes look so cute! Ahhhhh I want to hug it!

Here's a new den! I can't tell if they changed the name or if it's actually new, but there aren't any other variations in the stores. 

Normally I wouldn't point out random items, but this, THIS, THIS IS AMAZING! Congrats to the Animal Jam employee who designed this! 

As usual, the phantom vortexes can be found around the lands. Beat level five for a prize. 

The prize this year is a Phantom Archway! If you click on it, a gate drops down.

The currency icon returned to its original place (thank you AJHQ) and their look has changed slightly. 

And finally, there's a new adventure called Graham's Workshop where you take raw materials to form complex products. For some reason, it reminds me of Minecraft plus farm games.

For Halloween, I made a horror-shooter game (very different from my other games). If you get scared easily, I don't recommend it, but otherwise, please check it out! :)

Although I don't post often, I really hope this blog has a lasting effect and will be remembered by many. It can be used pretty well as a thing to look back in the past.

Anyway, thank you for reading and staying with the blog for such a long time! I value each and every one of you; thanks for supporting my blog. Share to support and jam on. Happy Halloween, bye!



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    1. You are welcome :)
      ~CosmicCheetah AJ who is not signed in... and is late to reply

  2. Hey Stang! Hope it wouldn't be awkward but out of curiosity may I ask where are you from? From my point of view there is no harm in revealing that, especially when some games like Growtopia directly reveals where you are from. As long as you don't reveal your street and you know..

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    3. Hey stang! What I meant is what country. And btw, after publishing that first comment of mine in this post, I went to your ''Ask'' page and you said ''Do Not Ask Things That Are Too Personal''. Well, if you think that what I am asking right now is too personal, please do feel free to reject my question. :) Do not feel uncomfortable. Thank you.

    4. Hi! Well, I guess enough time has passed that I should tell you where I really come from. Here's the big reveal:

      I come from Earth.
      Hehehe sorry lol I don't like revealing personal info ^-^

    5. Uhmm, Okay. I understand. :) Have a nice day!


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