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AJHQ's blog, the Daily Explorer.
Daily Explorer

Other blogs:

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Daily Howl
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The Scam Police
The Secrets Unraveled
shadowgirl9's Blog
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sml26662's AJ World Of Life
Snowydog's Animal Jam Snowstorm
Sparkle's Animal Jam Blogspot
Star8puppy's Animal Jam Blast
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Tales of Animal Jam

Team Jamaathcool blog of Animal Jam!
Teller Of The Jungle
TheCrystal's Animal Jam Riot
Tips for the jammers!
Toad 1's Animal Jam Culture
TreeClan CampVictory Coolcat AJ Blog
The Wandering Jammer
Wolf Raids
Wolfinery's Soul and Spirit Blog
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Animal Jam Secrets and News
Animal Jam Yay

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  1. Hey Stang add my blog

  2. Sure! I try to put it up today!

    1. Can you put up mine? it's

  3. Hi Stang. Add Snowyclaw's and Peppywolf's blogs.



  4. Can you add mine?

  5. Animal Jam news flash is my blog :D

    Keep up to date with the Friday Mystery!

  6. can you add my blog

  7. Can you add my blog?

    Here's the link ---->


  9. Add mine? It's a story Blog about my pet Arctic wolf named Shadow. :)

  10. Hi, could you add my blog? It's called the Animal Jam Purr, and the address is
    I'll feature your blog in a post (I don't have a Blog page yet). Thanks!

  11. stang please add my blog

  12. Hi
    Please add my blog called

  13. AJ Buddies Danger (If This Is Removed This Means That AJ Buddies Is A Coward)February 16, 2014 at 5:02 AM

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    Can you add my blog please?
    I'll definitely add yours as soon as I can!

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  18. Please add my blog:!


  19. Pardon, Can you add mine? Its! Thanks, Stang!

  20. Can you add mines? It the Animal Jam Cloud

  21. Can you add my blog

  22. Can you add mine?
    It's called Animal Jam Jewel
    The link is

    1. And I put your blog on my other blogs list. :))

  23. Could you add mine? You don't have to but mine is check it out if you guys want!

    1. That blog apparently doesn't exist.

  24. Hi! My blog is (Generally AJ) and I'd love for you to add it!

  25. I have a blog Animal jam Go

  26. Could you add my collab blog? The owner is actually hellokittyforlife, but I am an author! ;)
    Name: Animal Jam Alpha Blog

  27. Hey can you add my blog?

  28. Stang, would you add Animal Jam Mercury?

  29. Could you please add my blog? It's a blog to help stop scammers/hackers, and i'm trying to spread the word.

  30. Could You Add My And A Buddy's Blog? I Don't Know The Link Yet, My Buddy Will Tell You.
    Name: The Artsy Jammers
    (It's Not About Art; Even Though It Has Art) It's A New Blog, And My Buddy Has Not Told Me If She Has Put It On :)
    ~Cheetah (And Puppy?)~ (BTW The Buddy's Username Is Puppydoglover33)

    1. i got the link!
      Name: The Artsy Jammers
      it literally started yesterday/today and it is BEAUTIFUL

    2. It's Changing From Wix To Blogspot BTW, So Itsh *<-- My Way Of Saying Its* Better To Navigate And It Has Comments :) Still Same Name And Stuff; Didn't Load For Me And It Kept On Saying "Error" And Stuff :-( So When Her Sister Gets Off The Computer (Shes Playing On Her IPad) She Will Make The Blog :-)
      ~Cheetah (And Puppy!)~

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  32. Hi! can you put up my two blogs?

  33. Could you post mine please? It is called the Animal Jam Ledger.

  34. Could you post mine please? It is called the Animal Jam Ledger.

  35. I have a question... Does the blog HAVE to be related to animal jam? If no then can you put me and my friends blog, milkywaycomics?

  36. guys you should say x lots of times XD! it will make a word!

  37. it will say s e x

  38. hi i am making a blog to so ye

  39. rude word to say anoymous

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