Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pet Monkey Plushie

Jammer hey! 
Hey jammers! It's stang posting today, and the new item of the day is a really cute Pet Monkey Plush. You can buy it at the Summer Carnival, at the plushie store, on the first page. It sells for half the price of it's extremely huge version, the Giant Pet Monkey Plushie. (A.K.A. the Pet Monkey Plushie is 1,500 tickets.)
That's about all I got... But we (the authors) are thinking of hosting a little Scammer Awareness thing. We'll give you tip on how to avoid scammers, types of scams to recognize so you know right away to avoid them, and much much more!
Remember to check out the other pages, check out Stang's new game, vote on the new poll, and comment/send an email/contribute to the blog to get your name on the Jammer(s) of the Day!
I will post some new stuff on 'Fun' (about 10 minutes after this post was published), so check it out! :)


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Giant Pet Monkey Plushie

Hy jammers! Stang here, and the new item of the day is the Giant Pet Monkey Plushie. You can buy it at the Summer Carnival (teleport there and go left). It's so expensive 3000 tickets! 0-0
I find it rather strange that the member's giant version came out but not the non-members tiny (cute) type...
AJHQ likes the members better I guess...
Anyways, that's pretty much it so check out the other pages and stuff. Play my game Freedom and keep your eyes peeled for Snowytaco's Animal Jam game (a remake) and Stang's (my) Animal Crossing Mini.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Real Musketeer Boots

Hey jammers! New item of the day is Rare Real Musketeer Boot. (Why real? Fake Musketeer Boots already made or something?)
Anyways, here's a picture of them:

Also, some pictures of  unreleased stuff that you can win form the Phantom Adventures, pictures by Snowyclaw. A Rare Backpack and a Tie-Dye shirt... Interesting!

Did you know that even if you're not an Arctic Wolf you can still get prizes from the Arctic Wolves only stone thing if an Arctic Wolf form your team op-ens it for you?

We have surpassed 3000 views! Yay! The 3000th viewer was Poppila. Here's the picture she sent me. (Yeah, the blog's color is white (and orange for tablets) but I guess she just filled it in with black (some people do that).

Anyways, that's it for today! Send me an email, comment, or become a blog member to get your name on the Jammer/Jammers of the day! And check out the other pages!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Animal Jam Video

Hi jammers! Sorry for the long wait on the new music video. Anyway, I just finished a new video an hour ago and decided to post it on the blog. This music video features Disney's Lemonade Mouth performing the song "Turn Up the Music". It is a great song. Hope you enjoy. Thanks and keep on jamming!

Turquoise Bracelet

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco. Since yesterday there was a turquoise necklace, today there was also another item; the turquoise bracelet! It costs 1250 gems and is sold at Epic Wonders. And I think that's pretty much it!

Extras: The view count is nearing 3000! If you are the 3000th veiwer, send in the picture and your username to to get them both in the next post!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Turquoise Necklace

Hiya jammers! :)
The new item of the day is the Turquoise Necklace! You can buy it at the Epic Wonder's clothes Orb on the first page for 1,500 gems. Expensive! (But that's predictable because it's from Epic Wonders.)
It's a members object.
Here's a picture of it:
I just realized... If you color changed it, then it wouldn't be turquoise anymore, but it would still be called a turquoise necklace... 
I guess that's it for today. (Yeah short post.)
Check out the other pages, and my game, Freedom. Happy jamming, jammers! I might also make a thing on the side bar that puts up the username/blog-member-name of the jammers who comment, send in stuff, new blog members, and

Friday, July 26, 2013

Owl Plushies

Hey jammers! Yesterday was a huge post, compared to today's. Anyway, it's stang here, and the new item of the day is. the...
Owl plushies!
They're so cute <3 And also.. Does that mean that owl characters are coming to Jamaa?

Also, the old poll ended. Here's the results! (By the way, sorry I forgot to put Club Penguin.)
Remember to vote on the new poll too! (It's a very serious topic, so sorry if it offends you in any way.)

Also, a prediction! (This blog isn't just updated daily, it's updated before AJHQ can even put it in the game!)
This is probably a Hospital/Health Center? (Bandages)

And the Kimbarian Furniture.

Also, I found this: when your character is in water, your pet looks like it's swimming. But I was in Kimbara and I was near the shore so my hamster was... SWIMMING ON LAND?! (Chuck Norris Hamster!)

Also, there are Kangaroos in the Conversation Museum now! 

That's it for today! Check out the other pages (I updated them ALL about 12 hours ago.)

Happy jamming!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kimbara Outback Journey Book ... Cheats ;)

   HEY JAMMERS!!! this is SnowyTaco, and I'm here to tell you about the Kimbara Outback Journey Book.  There are 11 animals total.

this is a cassowary.
                                          I thought you guys might like it if I told you where everything is!

This is a frilled lizard. It is seen under the bridge.
When it runs away, you can see that it's on
two legs! And yes, there is someone speaking in the
pic. Sorry, there is just lot's of people there ^_^'
This is the Echidna. You can find this
porcupine looking creature on
the big rock at the bottom of the area. 

This is a platypus. No, sadly his name isn't Perry.
It's just a platypus. He... or she... can be seen swimming in
the water next to the waterfall.
This venomous viper is called a tiger snake.
You can find it to the right of the
 building with a bandaid cross on it.

Oh look. It's me .3. . But if you look closely,
there is a white headed bird called a galah. You
can spot this chick on the roof of the bandaid cross place.

This spider is the unique trapdoor spider
It's easy to find, for his 'trapdoor' is at the corner of the screen.
Just wait, and it will come out from hiding.
This is a penguin. You can find it on
a rock near one of the waterfalls.

This is the lyrebird. You can find it
 on the tree at the corner of your screen.
This is a cassowary. If you click on it in
your journey book, it looks like a freaky chicken (see top)
._. Anyways, you can find this chicken thing next to the far right
of the wooden bridge. It's in the background.

This is the kookabura. You can find it to the left
of the bandaid cross sign thingie.
Look it's me again .3.
And last, but not least, is the sugar glider.
It will climb up the windmill at a certain time.

If you find all the animals, you will get a windmill! 

That's all folks! :D 
Long post for me :3

Phantom Shirt and New Land!

Hey jammers! Stang posting today! Be prepared for a lot of reading, I've got TONS of news: new items, new lands, hackers, glitches, and more!

First things first...

Today's new item is the phantom shirt! (Phew... I thought those shelves were going to take over the entire Jam Mart Furniture!) Anyway, the Phantom Shirt costs 500 gems.

Also, new Jamaa Journal!

In the last article, it says that the level shows everywhere in Jamaa. Apparently you can't see your own... In addition, it shows on the name tag card-thing too!

Also, the new map has changed!

And if you look closely...

Wow! The Kimbara Outback! No wonder the koalas went out to find it and the kangaroos came shortly after... It's Australia based!
You can get there from the lower Jamaa Township too! (There's been a bridge added!) The Jamaa Derby has been moved a bit to make way for the bridge. 

Here's what it looks like!

Also, you can now buy kangaroos from the Diamond Shop!

Weird color, eh? It's like a baby purple (a purple version of baby blue). As Snowyclaw pointed out, it's not on the color fur thing. 

I just wanted to say, that when I went to the Diamond Shop to get a screenshot of the kangaroo, there was a huge flash mob there... 

Also, a glitch! When a raccoon wears wings, freedom wings, or scary bat wings, the head piece goes over it.

Also, there's been hacker sightings. My buddy was holding a Rain Forest Cafe at his den and then a hacker, PeppyWolf, started changing my buddy's den and wouldn't stop until my buddy gave PeppyWolf his spike. (By the way, how does he change someone else's den???) Well my buddy started video taping it so the hacker ran away without the spike. One quesiton remains: how does he do that and will the secret spread? 
(Will the secret spread until there's a bunch of trolls out there chaging your den like crazy.)

WHEW! That was A LOT to cover today! Have fun in Jamaa! If you want to see the Kimbara outback,  go to a small server because everyone wants to go see it. It's pretty nice except that there's no shops or anything like that. 
Check out the other pages, as well as my new game, Freedom. 
That's it fortoday, jammers! Have fun!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stack of Shelves

Hey jammers! It's stang. New item is Stack of Shelves! Man, AJHQ is going crazy over shelves. (The shelves are taking over Animal Jam!) You can buy them in the Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems on the first page.

Also, a glitch found by harperthesillyseal. When a kangaroo sleeps with a Party Hat on, it floats next to it...? Kinda creepy!

That's it for today! I'd also like to say that I'm working on a new meme. It's kinda creepy but it's related to animal jam :) Also, I just realized that a lot of your guys probably play Club Penguin. Sorry I didn't put that in the poll. Maybe you guys can comment if you play that game too, so I can technically put it into the poll. (Once someone votes on the poll, you can't edit the answers or questions.) Check out the other pages and comment if you have any comments or questions! Happy jamming in Jamaa!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tiny Shelves & a Little Update on Phantom Aventures

Hi Jammers! It's CrispyMint posting today. Anyway, today's new item is a non-member item. It's the tiny shelf! Why is Animal Jam so obsessed of shelves?This is item is sold for 250 gems at the Jam Mart Furniture Store.

And I also realized, that not only does the member phantom adventures has Green Alpha Stones, but it also has crystal shards, purple pipes, a box with a shovel.

Unfortunately, I don't have an image of the purple pipe prize. I apologize. But you can see it when doing phantom adventure. :)

(Stang came in here and edited the post.*) 
Hey jammers I got the picture of the pipe. It's in the top grass part of my den.

Well, that's all for today. Thanks and keep on jamming!  
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