Monday, April 27, 2015

Animal Jam Got Hacked

Hi buddies, it's Stang!

You've probably heard about how Animal Jam recently got hacked. Honestly, I don't even know if it's true, but here's some facts and other stuff:

  1. Around the time Animal Jam got presumably hacked, the game reverted into offline/update mode. 
  2. Some people said that some of their items, gems and diamonds were missing. However, this isn't necessarily due to the hack.
  3. Animal Jam won't shut down; AJHQ has invested a lot of money into Animal Jam, and it's pretty successful... hopefully. 
  4. The jammer WretchedJungle said "Sure. Tell everyone that I'm destroying the game they once loved." in the comment section on one of his Google+ posts. However, I'm not certain it was Wretched who hacked Animal Jam; it's just from what I heard. 
  5. The person who hacked Animal Jam is most likely an adult, since most kids aren't as good at computer coding and all that stuff.
Do you have any theories or facts about this? Feel free to comment them below! :)

I hope this post helped! Thanks for reading, share to support, and jam on, bye!

~Stang ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Saturday, April 25, 2015

5 Things That Will Make Animal Jam Better

Hey buddies! This is Stang.

I decided to make a post about ten things that would greatly improve Animal Jam. They're not in any type of order but just the ones I thought of first.

1. Gem Transfer

Do you have multiple accounts? Does one have a lot more gems than the other? I have that problem too. My main account has 100/100 clothing and 104,000 gems as my other accounts have a lot fo free space but are broke.

If you had the ability to send gems to other player and accounts, you'd have no problem with gems.

However, there's a problem: some people would make tons of accounts just for the starter 1000 gems in it. People would stop playing mini games to earn gems and there would be a lot of ghost accounts floating around.

2. Multiple Trades at the Same Time

It's pretty boring waiting for someone to accept a trade, and the solution to that is being able to send multiple trades at once.

3. More Inventory Space

Credit to
Most people obviously need more inventory space and also space for other stuff too; clothing, den items, buddies, and more. We don't really need more den and animal space that badly, but some people like having one of each (collectors).

4. Official Clans

Clans are cool but it would be even better if we could form official clans. I'm not really into clans on Animal Jam but I know a lot of jammers are. There could be a separate "buddy" system for clans, and it would include their information of where to meet, their territory, weather another clan wants to attack or negotiate with you, clan name, members, and more.

However, some problems may occur: disputes over "territory" (this can be solved by letting territory being the den of the clan's leader), leadership, who wins in a "battle" (well this one already exists) and the fact that famous people would have practically everyone in their clans.

5. Special Modes

I think there should be special modes on Animal Jam to help make it more fun.

Useful modes include:
  1. Solitary mode: nobody or nobody but yourself is shown. This will help bloggers, video makers, famous people who want peace and others. 
  2. Zoom mode: so we can zoom in and out. This probably shouldn't be allowed for labyrinth type of games, though. 
  3. Clan mode: you can only see people in clans and their clan will be indicated with a name, color and symbol. This way, an innocent passerby won't be yelled at for trespassing territory. 
Do you have anymore ideas for other modes or ways to make Animal Jam better? Comment your ideas below. (I can make a sequel post if we get enough ideas! :D)

Thank you for reading, share to support, comment, and check out other parts of the blog! Jam on, bye!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Hi buddies, it's Stang.

Happy Earth Day!

Did you do anything to help the Earth today? If you don't know where to start, here are five simple ways to help!
  1. Use reusable stuff, like water bottles and bags. 
  2. Buy local :)
  3. Try not to be wasteful with your water (examples: when you're brushing your teeth or taking a shower).
  4. Donate to World Wildlife Fund or Nature Conservancy
  5. Donate old stuff
Here's an Earth Day activity from Animal Jam's Daily Explorer!

Blogger makes all picture darker... I don't like it >:(

I hope this helped you (and the Earth)! If you have any tips on how to help the Earth, please comment them below!

(Note: my tips were for young people and non-life-changing.)

Thank you for reading, share to support and jam on, bye!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Play Wild BETA Table chart!

Hey guys! Alice here, and today I don't really have much time to post, so to clear things up, I did a little research about Play Wild BETA, and here is this amazing information I got from my Google+ Community from Clear sky PWB:
Hello everyone! So you know how PW is programed to display different items everyday on the table? I decided to go through and collect information about them. I'll make a fancier chart for this later.
(Note: 1 = Right table. 2 = Middle Table. 3 = Left table ITEM CHART FOR VERSION 1.5 Sunday: 1. Epic Tiara - 2 Sapphires Cheese Hat - 100 Gems Gym Shoes - 200 gems 2. Princess Headdress - 550 Gems Tutu - 475 Gems Crossbow - 2,225 Gems 3. Heart Locket - 150 Gems Star Glasses - 200 Gems DJ Headphones - 2 Sapphires
 Monday: 1. Firefly Jar - 2 Sapphires Pith Helmet - 500 Gems Bowler Hat - 550 Gems 2. Cupcake Hat - 900 Gems Lei - 150 Gems Butterfly Glasses - 225 Gems 3. Butterfly Wings - 150 Gems Flower Glasses - 225 Gems Curly Antlers - 400 Gems
 Tuesday: 1. Army Helmet - 400 Gems Round Glasses - 300 Gems Princess Necklace - 80 Gems 2. Nice Hair - 2 Sapphires Mechanical Angel Wings - 300 Gems Mechanical Angel Helmet - 250 Gems 3. Cotton Candy Hairdo - 750 Gems Skull Helmet - 200 Gems Skunk Hairdo - 400 Gems
 Wednesday: 1. Fairly Amulet - 400 Gems Faerie Wins - 2 Sapphires Winged Shoes - 500 Gems 2. Wooden Shoes - 375 Gems Phantom Necklace - 100 Gems Brain Hat - 450 Gems 3. Aura Stone Crown - 2 Sapphires Sparkly Head Bow - 450 Gems Camo Boots - 400 Gems
 Thursday: 1. Cowboy Boots - 400 Gems Lasso - 350 Gems Cowboy Hat - 500 Gems 2. Geta Shoes - 300 Gems Drum - 400 Gems Guitar - 450 Gems 3. Elf Armor Helmet - ???  Spiked Collar - 2 Sapphires Spiked Hair - 400 Gems
 Friday: 1. Wind Up Key - 500 Gems Flip Flops - 350 Gems Elf Armor Boots - 300 Gems 2. Heart Glasses - 2 Sapphires Dino Horn - 300 Gems Dino Bonnet - 600 Gems 3. Beret - 300 Gems Baseball Cap - 450 Gems Unicorn Horn - 150 Gems
 Saturday: 1. Fancy Shoes - 650 Gems Hula Skirt - 2 Sapphires Fruit Hat - 2 Sapphires 2. Crescent Moon Necklace - 300 Gems Flower Antlers - 600 Gems Mohawk - 300 Gems 3. Police Badge - 2 Sapphires Dragon Wings - 2 Sapphires Dragon Mask - 2 Sapphires

Fancy version coming soon!

Again, I thank Clear Sky PWB and apologize for such little information this week, but very soon I will be back on track.

Thanks guys!

By the way, you can still join the giveaway here:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Update, New Look, and New Land!

Hi buddies, it's Stang!

I just posted the big changes but I'm still not sure about which posts should and should not be posted now, because some are part daily and part special, like updates.

I don't know weather or not, so here it is:

The new update brings a similar yet different log in page! One thing I don't understand is that there is a "home" button, but isn't this page supposed to already be the home page?

Credit to Webkinz78620 for sending in these pictures :)
By the way, this is what the new "play login" pop-up looks like.

There's also some new loading pages. This is one of them. (It finally got updated to spring ones! :D)

Today is update day, so a new Jamaa Journal has been published!

Pet Geckos are here! Wait, they're in everyone's favorite song? I didn't know that :T Oh right I don't listen to the music.. haha I forgot...

Click "Read More" to find out about an exclusive animal, a returning party and a new land?! .3.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Festival Help + Giveaway!

Hey jammers! Are you having fun trading today?
Oh thats right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Alice Efimoff, But feel free to call me Kat, Solar or Buggy. My favourite hobbies are drawing, animating and giving away stuff :0
Anyways, have any of you been struggling with the Spring Festival? Lets face it, we have. But I have a few secrets that I will give away to you so you can get all 100 eggs >:3
First of all, when you play the Spring Festival, You should collect ten eggs from the middle.
10 Eggs!
After you have done that, In each "Petal section" (If you did not know, The map is shaped like a flower! ^_^), you should be able to find 15 eggs.
Finishing a petal section.

Now, lets do the math.
85+15=100 eggs!
If you use this strategy, I am pretty sure you will get all your prizes much faster than usual •—•

Anyways, since this is my very first post here, I want to thank our amazing authors for welcoming me here, and to celebrate, I am doing a giveaway!
"What is the prize?"
The prize is a...
Yellow long spike Wristband, if we get 5 entries.
Same prize as above + Blonde pigtails for  15 entries.
Blue short collar for  20+ Entries!
How to Enter:
Type in your username on Animal Jam in the comments below.
Tell me if you are a member or non-member.
Each person will get a number, and, by the end of May 2nd, I will announce the winners.
This is your oppurtunity, use it now! ^_^

Thanks for reading this post guys!
~Alice Efimoff

Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Thing That Will Change the Blog Forever

Hi, it's Stang, with a rather different post than usual. (This is the much-anticipated "Big Changes" post.)

Do you like it like this? With repetitive posts everyday, over and over again? I like this blog, the readers, the authors, and so on, but honestly, making posts repeatedly, with approximately the same things gets rather boring. Don't worry; I love the blog and the people associated with it. Well actually the blog gets boring, not you guys; you're amazing.

Anyway, this is what the big changes are about. I'm going to make it much more exciting, for you, and me as well. I figured that although you'd like to know the daily item and daily news, you also like other stuff, more exciting, abnormal things. Beside, it's really obvious that you use another blog for your daily news. (Hmm... I sure wonder which blog it is?)

(For those who can't read English, it says "CHANGE AHEAD".)
The first problem was how the posts were boring and repetitive. The second problem is that all of us authors are really busy. Obviously, we can't post that much, so to solve both problems is to stop making daily posts. I know that you may be very confused now because all Animal Jam blogs are about what the daily item is, and maybe some extra news if possible. Well you know, it's about time to break the "tradition". We can start a new type of blog, begin a revolution. We can make a lasting difference in the world of Animal Jam.

We're going to become a more exciting and distinctive blog.
Instead of the repetitive, boring daily posts we used to make, Animal Jam Buddies will focus on special posts. They'll be more exciting, exotic and distinctive. In addition, the authors can spend more time doing whatever they do without worrying about the blog. (I don't know about the other authors, but I do.)

All current authors as of April 2015. 
Talking about authors, some have calmly choose to leave. Also, some haven't been on forever and haven't even contacted me. It won't be that bad, though. Once I remove them, I'll immediately send them an email asking them if they want to join again. Weather they still use their email will determine the outcome. (Most of them use a special Animal Jam email so we can tell who still posts on the blog and who doesn't.)

With this new time, I'll be making more games on Scratch, editing the pages more and make many quality special posts. Once in a while, I might post the daily item, but as a review.

Hopefully our blog will flourish and the revolution will catch on. I'm willing to make partnerships with other blogs who post the daily items (there are requirements, however) to spread news about this new type of blog, plus the blog itself as well.

Thank you for reading! I hope you appreciate these changes, and nevertheless, post your comments and feedback! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Share to support and jam on! Bye buddies!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April Fools Day! And I'm Beta and Member, Plus More!

Hey buddies, it's Stang!

I'm a beta and member player!

Ha, April Fools! But AJHQ sent me an email saying I was but I really wasn't (actually I was, but at the time I thought AJ was boring so I quit and then later, after betas times, I made my currently account).

I signed up to become a beta tester for the new, mobile Animal Jam, but I never got an email saying I made it in, so I'm really confused right now. However, I am happy that I'll be awarded founder items and 5 diamonds :D

I used the special code provided by AJHQ to get 5 diamonds. A little mistake I found was that the pop-up says "Member Gift" which is incorrect, because I am and have always been) a nonmember. 

Happy April Fools Day! ◉‿◉
Okay so honestly I kind of... eh... forgot my whole April Fool's Day plan, so maybe we'll have some kind of May fools. (This time was just something made up on the spot. Be prepared for next time! >:D)

Here's some funny animal pictures to get into the spirit!

Hehehe ^-^

Anyway... :P
Sorry for missing a few posts; I'm pretty busy although the big changes, which are coming soon to a blog near you will fix all that. 

I made a new game called Keyboard Smash!
Smash the keyboard to earn as many points as you can! (By the way, if you find fitting music, please let me know.)
Click here to play it! :)

And now.... for the new daily items and other new stuff!

There's also the returning Silly, Wacky and Zany items!

Here's a little AJHQ notification about butterflies!

Here's the April Fools Party!

Click "Read More" to find out what the new items are and more!

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