Sunday, July 27, 2014

New items and something pretty cool!

Hey buddies. Katniss605 again. Sorry for this short-ish post. I'm kinda in a hurry since parental controls are taking over me.

So todays new item is the Star Pillow. It is 300 gems and it is sold at Jam Mart Furniture.

And todays other new item is the Snake Balloon Hat. It is 2,000 tickets and is sold at the carnival.

And here is something cool. If your playing Animal Jam and happen to click on the National Geographic thing. Something like this will show up.

Kinda neat.  It doesn't work with any of those other links down there. Weird.
Well this has been another amazing post. So dont forget to keep jamming!

Stang Has Internet and Some Missed Items

Hi buddies this is Stang.

I'm on vacation still but I managed to get Internet.

Katniss missed some items so I'll try to post all of the ones she didn't find or didn't post. This is someone else's computer so I don't think I can put pictures.

So there's the:

  1. Cactus Fence at the regular furniture store
  2. Snake Hat and Stegosaurus Armor and Tail at the Summer Carnival
  3. Pet Rhino at the Diamond Shop
  4. Rare Nautilus Necklace as a Monday Rare
I hope the blog continues to be updated everyday until I come back. I may post tomorrow but I'm on vacation so.. yeah. And I don't have pictures >w<

Well bye jammers! Share to support and jam on!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

New item and den feature!

Hey buddies! Katniss605 again. Some sad news. This maybe my last post. I will be moving and I may not have internet. We'll just have too see what goes down. (I may host a goodbye party. Not sure at the moment.)

But todays new item is the Epic Antlers. It is 1,500 gems and is sold at Epic Wonders

And there's also a new den feature! It is the clear den option. You can use it to clear your den. It is located at the top of your edit den thing next to the lock your den option.

Thats all for today. Remember to keep jamming!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Super large and majestic post!

Hey buddies! Katniss605 here! Sorry I wasnt able to post for the past days. So to make it up... WE HAVE A GIGANTIC POST FOR Y'ALL!

So HUGE updates happened in jamma. New newspaper post, new items, new login screen. EVERYTHING! And if you cant tell im super exited.

So to start off, here are the clothing items.

This is the ribbon scarf. It costs 500 and its sold at Jam mart furniture. And as a bonus.. its a non member item!

The next item is the Candy Necklace. It is 350 gems and its also sold at Jam Mart Furniture

Without further ado. Here is the new newspaper update!
 So apparently they came out with Rhino pets!

And the new Beta Party! It quotes: "The oldest NEW PARTY!"

Also a new animal!

Also an "Official Insiders guide!" You can find these at your local Barens & Noble or Amazon Store!

And theyre coming out with many den items! Theyre choosing from an ice cream parlor, Egyptian paradise, and hair salon! And you, all you jammers, get to vote! I voted for Egyptian Paradise.

And hard mode is available for "In too deep" and more videos coming out every dang darn day!

And of course you cant have a large post without den items!!

Todays fantabulous items are the grill and the circular chair theyre both 400 gems and sold at the furniture store.

And last but not least. Theres many log in screens!

Theres also underwater themed screens!

Well thats the "Super Majestic Post" for today. This is Katniss605 telling you to keep jamming!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Scented Candle, Ant farm, and more!

Hey buddies! Katniss here again! Sorry if this is a late post. I was at my aunts and couldn't do anything.

But anyways the new items are the Scented Candle, an Ant Farm, and a Sparkly Boa.

Here is the Scented Candle. It costs 350 gems and its sold at Jam Mart Furniture.

This is the Ant Farm. It cost 400 gems and its also sold at Jam Mart Furniture

And finally, here is the sparkly boa. Its costs 450 gems and is sold at your normal clothing store

Thanks for reading and keep jamming!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New summer carnival item!

Hey buddies. Katniss605 here again. Again, sorry for the short post. I'm kinda in a rush.

But anyways today's new item is the pizza hat! It is sold at the summer carnival for 875 tickets.

Thanks for reading this post and keep jamming!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Jam-a-gram buddy request!

Hey guys. Katniss605 here. As you all may know, Stang and SnowyTaco are away. And left me with the blog. Sorry about the short post

Here is a new Jam-a-gram buddy request thing. It does look better than the others in my opinion

Thank you for reading my first post and keep jamming!

Also if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Author! The Competition, Mohawk, DE Glitch and New Ad

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Today is very special because we have a new author and also a lot of other special news.

Before we get to that, however, here is the Monday rare, the Rare Spiked Mohawk!

The DE, as usual, is about the new Monday Rare. 
Unfortunately it blacked out on me. 

Here's a new Animal Jam advertisement I found! It looks different than the others but it doesn't look fake. Isn't it a little late for the shamrock glasses, though?

And now...

Author Tryouts Results

Seven people commented who they were, what their Google email was, and why they can or would want to be an author. 

7 people

 Unfortunately, only four people truly qualified for the testing part.

4 people

I sent them an email with an assignment for them to turn in to compete against each other. 

3 people

Rose, Alice and Lorelei finished soon, but Brodieskip did not reply. 

This is Lorelei's fake post about the Porch Swing and Hyenas. 

Katniss605 (Alice) on the huge hyena update and facts about them. 

Htxox1 (Rose Moonshade) on the Old Hood and a glitch. 

 Seven became four, four became three, and now three will become one.

Snowytaco and I graded the results, gave our opinions, talked about their skills, and I even met some qualifiers on Animal Jam.

Blog buddies, authors, and everyone else, please welcome our new author...

Katniss605! (Alice)

Haha just kidding, here's the real one ;)
(Although Katniss605 says she named her account after the Hunger Games Katniss.)

Congrats, Katniss! You can make a double post today if you'd like to announce your new author-ship. 

Katniss will be posting for 2-3 weeks, while both Snowytaco and I are away. (Snowytaco will be away for a shorter time so she might be able to make some posts too.) Take good care of the blog, Katniss! You ca do it :)

Well, that's not it for today! A random maze I drew (because I like mazes) will be on fun. Also, a little tidbit from AJHQ on Extras. Bye jammers, I'll see you again in three weeks although if I get lucky I'll leave messages on Chat.  Share to support and jam on!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Umbrella, Transforming Eagle Glitch, and How to Easily Get to a French Server

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Thank you Snowytaco for posting while I was away. Talking about being away, I will be on vacation for three weeks without Internet for most of the time. I will announce the new author tomorrow or possibly later today if Snowytaco replies early.

Anyway, today's new item is the Umbrella Hat!
It is found in the Summer Carnival, selling for 1,000 tickets, or if you buy tickets, 500 gems.

Thank you Katniss605 for showing me this glitch (she's the arctic wolf and eagle)! 

This is another way to have an animal stand somewhere off-limit (except for eagles). 
  1. Turn into an eagle and fly to the spot you want
  2. Turn into any land* animal other than an eagle
  3. The animal will try to go back to the path but you have to click it back to anywhere off-limits and it will eventually stop involuntarily straying

*We do not know if it works with water animals 

Katniss605 also showed me how to get to a French Server (easily)!

Just search up "FlagShop" and go to her/his den, and you will be in a French server right away! But sometimes if you go to a land, for example Jamaa Township, you will be teleported back to your original language place. 

I'm just speaking random French...

If you click the blue button, this will pop up. 

The map's locations in French. 

Here's the two DEs, one from today and another from yesterday. 

Remember, tomorrow a while after the post I will announce the new author, so check back soon! (Or sporadically check every so and then.)

That's not it for today! Go to Fun and Extras for a funny coincidence that happened on my account and also the poll which has been up for a really long time! Also, don't forget to vote on our latest poll!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Diamond Tiara!

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco posting today!

So today's newest item is the Diamond Tiara! It costs 1,250 gems and is sold at Epic Wonders (Green Orb)! I'm pretty sure it was based off the design of yesterday's item, the Diamond Crown. I don't think these two royalty items will be part of the Hatapalooza, unfortunately.

And that's it for today!

Here's a Diamond Tiara.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Diamond Crown and Why Do Bees Make Honey

Hi buddies! This is Stang :)

Today's new item is found in the Epic Wonders. Sadly the sale ended some time ago.

The new item is the Diamond Crown! (Something tells me it should be in the Diamond Shop...)

And here's the Daily DE! A post about Bees from Brady Barr!
Here's part of it :)

Well, that's it for today. If I post tomorrow, I'll only be able to post late so Snowytaco might. 
Bye jammers, share to support and jam on! :D


P. S. Don't forget to vote on the new poll!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rhinos Return, Hatapalooza, The Claw, and New Carnival Additions

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

***Short note: I labeled most of the pictures AJB for safety, and also because I had more time today :)
Not all pictures have been labeled.

Todays new item is The Horse Claw in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds. It seems strange how AJHQ would put a "The" in front of the name.

There's a new Jamaa Journal today!

Rhinos are back! Hooray!

Now you can buy rhinos--that is, if you are a member. 

Here's the new Daily Explorer post: it's a short, cute cartoon about rhinos and birds. 

The phantoms are up to no good. Again. 
A new adventures which I predict is members and underwater is coming soon!

New carnival additions!
There's a new game called Dunk-The-Phantom, which you'll see in the next picture, and also new prizes! The prizes are bought, not won.

Dunk a Phantom is located in between the arrow shooting game and Phantom Ball in the Summer Carnival. 

You shoot green balls at targets to dunk the phantom. This is a timed game, so you get unlimited balls. 

There's a lot in this post so here's a page break ^-^

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