Thursday, March 17, 2016

Want to Support Me?

Hey everyone, it's Stang!

As you may have noticed, I put up ads on the blog so if you'd like to support me, give them a few clicks. (Don't worry, they're perfectly safe ^-^)

Also, thanks everyone for being so understanding of  my decision to stop playing and posting about Animal Jam. We've all grown up so it's a pretty mutual feeling haha.

I may write a few posts occasionally (about the experience and maybe how to make a blog) if you're interested.

Thanks for reading! Share to support and give those ads a few clicks! ;)
Jam on, bye!


Saturday, February 27, 2016

The End?

Hey buddies, it's me, Stang.

I haven't posted in a pretty long time.

Why? I've lost interest in Animal Jam. I haven't played it for a few months and I rarely ever think about it. I'm older, more mature and my interests have changed.

Animal Jam just isn't fun anymore. Trading has become ridiculously competitive, most people are younger than me and I just don't really care about the game anymore.

Although I don't like Animal Jam anymore I still remember when I absolutely loved it. It motivated me to type faster. It taught me about business through trading and developed my social skills. Animal Jam opened up a whole new world of opportunities and fun.

I knew I had to quit eventually so I guess it's now.

However, I'd like to thank everyone for making my experience amazing, especially blogging. I loved meeting so much people and being able to spread joy through this blog. Thank you.

This isn't the end. I've moved to Scratch, a cool website for making games, animations and other stuff. If you want to contact me, create an account and leave a comment. I'd be happy to talk to you! This is my account.

Thank you everyone for supporting me, I love you all! Bye!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Are There So Many Wolves in Animal Jam?

Hey buddies, it's Stang!

Have you ever wondered why the majority of the population in Animal Jam consists of wolves?

There are so many wolves for a few main reasons:

1. Beta
When Animal Jam was first released, the first animals were the monkey, bunny and wolf. Obviously people didn't really like the monkey but the two other animals were very popular among players. Also, since there animals were from the beta times, they are non-member so everyone can be a wolf or bunny. But why did people choose the wolf over the bunny?

2. You Can't Eat Your Friends
It's slightly awkward when you're a wolf and your friend is a bunny because based on the natural laws of nature, the wolf eats the bunny. And so people had to choose one or the either before things got strange so they chose the wolf because...

3. They Look Cool
Wolves look cool. Maybe that's just my opinion but it seems like it's many others' as well.

Well, I hope you liked that little explanation! Thanks for reading, share to support and jam on, bye!


P.S. Happy Holidays everyone!

P.P.S. Yessssssss my project Scratch City (inspired by Sim City) got featured! Click here to check it out.

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