Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sunken Gilbert Tiki Statue

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Yesterday I spelled Costmo as Cosmo.

Anyway, the new item is the Sunken Gilbert Tiki Statue.

And here's the DE!

I'm in a rush, so that's it for today, bye!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunken Costmo Tiki Statue in Tiny Words

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Sorry about the double post yesterday; I was writing the post when Snowytaco published her's.
I will try to avoid that problem next time.

The new item is the Sunken Costmo Tiki Statue!

It's so long that the word size must be reduced. Compare this... this!

Well, that's it for today, bye!


P. S. 60,000+ views! Awesome! :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

GLOVES CAME BACK!? Oh Phantom Goop!

Hey buddies! This is Stang!

I just realized Snowytaco already posted about the Glove! Sorry jammers!

Well here's my reaction... :)


Why! Why! Why! WHY!!!

By the way, have you noticed that some gloves say rare on some don't? Strange, eh? It it like the beta gloves and the purple one that came in couple of years ago?

Oh Phantom Goop!
...Which is a new Adventure's prize! :)
Is it er... squished phantoms...?

I went on Who's Among Us, and there were 3 people on, but the stats showed 25% for each person instead of 33%...
Math error...? It might have been because someone just left but after a while, the error never corrected itself. 

Well, that's it for today, bye! :)


Did you know this rare would eventually come? And More Craziness from SnowyTaco!

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco, and I'm finally able to post! A lot of stress has been put onto me during the time I was gone [mainly because I procrastinate (delaying a lot of stuff :P)].

So anyways, today's Monday Rare is a Rare Glove! And if you are currently a member, you can change its color!!

(Yes, I lost a bunch of gems and became broke when I was a member. Spend your gems wisely.)

And if you don't already know, these are the same gloves that you might have wanted to get your hands on for quite a while. In my inventory, I have a red nonmember glove, and now it has a rare sign next to it. Isn't this just great ):  Are you happy enough to barf sparkly rainbows, or are you mad enough to punch a cute bunny in the face? Comment Below! (Yeah, that was a really weird question.)

And that's it for today! Please enjoy these random gifs that I found... somewhere :P

Have a Nice Day :3

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cyclops Elephant, Bike and Tiki, and Void Glitches

Hiya buddies! :D

This is Stang!

The new item of the day is the Dirt Bike!

There's also the Sunken Liza Tiki Statue, at the Sunken Treasures!

There was a weird void glitch at the Sunken Treasures. You should try it out, it's weird!

WARNING: Cyclops Elephant! XD
You can get all five pieces of Phantom Armor from the Adventures! :)
I heard different treasure chests give you different armor; AJHQ doesn't switch it up. 

Well, that's not it for today! I'm going to try to figure out a party time and put it on the side bar or as a mini-header. Also, a post from yesterday on Fun, and also today! :)

Bye buddies!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Modern Shelves, New Buddy Requests, And Minecraft Invades Animal Jam

Hey buddies! This is Stang :D

Random thought: I don't know why but I like long, interesting titles... :)

Anyway, the new item is something that I have been wanting for quite a while: a modern item.
Introducing... the Modern Glass Shelves!
Steel frames holding up translucent, curved glass!

 Today I decided to log in on Stangbuddy, and wow! A new buddy request. And I don't mean a new person sent one, but it looks different!

Simply, it's more simplistic. Frankly, simple is modern, for example, look at modern phones.

Compare the new, modern buddy request jam-a-gram to the old one, which is like vacation-tropical, but too crowded with stuff. 

This was the interesting part of the title: Minecraft Invades Animal Jam.
Although it already is talked about and stuff around Jamaa, the fact that it's an art feature shoes that AJHQ accepted it. 
This is a Minecraft person with a squid skin. 

I'm not sure if all of you guys actually went to the DE when I posted my last two posts, so here are the last 3 posts! :)

AJ Academy (AJA?) sea turtles, the king cobra, and a giraffe article. 

Well, that's it for today except that when I accidentally went down the Serapei Forest slide, my character blinks for a second in front of the tree when it's supposed to disappear. 

Anyway, bye jammers! :)


P. S. Might share a new Scratch project soon, but you never know until you follow my account >:)
(Of you can just check my profile page everyday, but that's kinda tedious.)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Percy Jackson Winged Shoes and Over One Thousand

Hi jammers! This is Stang. Today's post goes a little off topic, although it may be an opening for more discussion and entertainment, in other words, more fun.

The new item of the day is very related to the Percy Jackson series, which has been translated in 37 languages so everybody around the world can read it.

In the story, Parcy is given a pair of winged shoes for a quest.

In Animal Jam AJHQ has given us Winged Shoes too! :)

No offense to AJHQ, but it seems very coincidental that there are both winged shoes and their original color is the same, and so on, although I give them the benefit of doubt because it also resembles High Heels with wings.

Over one thousand views in one day! :D

About a day ago, we got 1,225 views in one day! Sweet!
I wonder why we suddenly made like 5 view records in less than a month! It went from like 500 to 1200!

See the last fourth (grid), and notice how the views dramatically rise.
This feels like statistics.  
Anyway, that's it for today, bye jammers!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trident, Party and Language Servers

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

The new item is the Trident!
Yay, nonmember item! :)

And here's two of the latest poll results!

Do you want a party for the 50,000 views milestone?
Everyone said yes! :)

What new language servers do you want?
The top choice was Spanish, with a third of the votes! 

Well, that's it for today, bye!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Glass Shelf, Giraffe Art, and Hunt Answers

Hi jammers! It's Stang :)

The new item is a nonmember version of yesterday's!
Meet the Glass Shelf!
I wonder why the Offset on came before the Glass Shelf, which seems like it should be the foundation, therefore being the first one.

Wood helves, glass shelves... What next, steel shelves? Leaf shelves? Rock? The glass series looks modern and cool, but maybe they could have made something else, like a glass desk, etc 

Here's a DE post about jammer art: giraffes!

Wow! This is spectacular!
Broke the record for like the 3rd day in a row! (Not really, but almost.)
We used to have 606 views as the record holder, now it's 672! :)

And here's the Easter egg hunt answers! (AJB hunt, not AJ.)

The pink egg was below Blog Buddies on the right-hand sidebar. 

This post gets kinda long, so here's a page break, just to save some rage ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day with Glass and Ants!

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

Happy Earth Day!
Here's some Google pictures. I especially love the puffer-fish because it's so derpy.

What can you do for Earth day? Recycle, reuse and plant stuff in nice places. (Example: Plant an apple in your backyard. Not example: Plant an apple in your neighbor's yard.)
I'll try to post more easy Earth Day activities on Fun. 

Camo chamo

The new item of the day is the Offset Glass Shelves!
I felt kinda weird about something glass, although it is a greener alternative to wood, being the new item on Earth Day, so I Googled it and a wiki page of it showed up!

The Animal Jam Wiki already made a page on the day it got released? Whoa!
Click here for more info and all the colors of the Offset Glass Shelves!

A new creature feature about leafcutter ants on the DE! The perfect post for Earth Day! ^-^

I decided to take out the trash; I deleted all spam massages yesterday. 
We had 1072 spam comments in all. It took forever to delete them all, mainly because I scanned all of it to check that I wasn't deleting any good messages. I only found one :T

So much spam on Animal Jam Buddies. 

Deleting spam....
If Internet was a planet it would be much cleaner now :)
(By the way, you can click for a bigger picture.)

Cleared all the spam :)

I'm going to take down the Easter eggs. Who found them all?

Well that's it for today, bye! :)


Monday, April 21, 2014

Rare Beard and Over 600 Views in One Day!

Hey jammers! This is Stang! :)

Short note first: I'm going to keep the Easter egg hunt up for one more day. The eggs can be on sidebars and pages, and might have to do some scrolling, especially for pages.

The new Rare item Monday is the Rare Pirate Beard! It's very colorful.

It would be cool is we had a game where you can design AJ clothing or furniture and then do the voting thing like Best Dressed, and something that gets like 5+ votes gets sent to AJHQ to be considered for a new item.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with this, which is the DE!

Whoa! Yesterday we had a post about a view record being broken, and on that day, we broke another! WOOHOO! :D
Thank you all for supporting AJB! Now we're in the 600s! ;)

Thanks for reading, share to support, and jam on! Bye!

~Stang :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cherry Blossom and Easter Egg Hunt

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

The new item of the day is the Cherry Blossom Tree!
It's so pretty! Reminds me of Japanese Cherry Blossoms! :)

Don't forget to finish the Easter Egg hunt on Animal Jam! I think the only prize is a Golden Egg, because I did it on Stang and Stangerine so far and got the same egg. 
Did you guys get any others?

Talking about the Easter Egg Hunt, this is kind of late, but I made one on the blog! There's five eggs and you have to find them. 
They kinda look like this:

They aren't very good-looking, but I drew it, so.... yeah. 

I'm putting up the Easter eggs right after I post so just wait a while after I post and the... start hunting!
You can find eggs on pages, sidebars, and yeah. The one above does not count. 

I'm deicing to put some scavenger hunt during the summer or something, when there's not too much holidays or stuff going on. 

Woohoo! We broke the views in one day record by 49 views!
(The new record is 548, the old one was 499.)

We broke it thanks to the special post, Blank Post!
It got 87 views! Wow!

Well, that's it for today! Don't forget to join in our egg hunt! I'll put a notice on contest. Bye!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shoes, Brazilian servers, Journal and is AJ bad for kids?

Hey buddies! This is Stang!

There's a lot of news today so I put a page break (sorry if they're annoying, but scrolling down forever may be too).

The new item is the Woven Shoes!
It's pretty cool, and reminds me of army style stuff.

When I was logging on, I saw this!
There were SOO many servers, and then I realized that they were repeated:

Look, there's Aldan and Congo. 

Scroll down, oh look there it is again!
Wait, but the upper Alden is full and the bottom one isn't...
Strange :T

This was a really intriguing but important topic I found. 

Is Animal Jam bad for kids?

Only if you hang out with the bad people or become one. 
I suggest that children play it when they are more mature or if they have parental guidance and safety stuff. 

Thank you SeboTheBest for sending these wonderful pictures of a new Brazilian server!
It's pretty much the same except for language difference and the flag. 

The map is a bit different too, in the words. 

Here's the little tab thing in the right hand corner. 


And the chat bar. Notice there's a Brazilian flag!

Talking about chat bars, there's a new button on the top right-hand corner!

And here's the new Jamaa Journal!

Giraffes are back! Yay!

I'm going to put a page break here because the post is super long. Just click read more to, er, read more! :)

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