Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wind Amulet and Phantom Adventure Prizes

Hey jammers! It's Stang!

The new item of the day is the Wind Amulet!

It sells for one diamond at the Diamond Shop! Sadly, it's members.

Also, some new Phantom Adventure prizes!

A nonmember Silver Chain Necklace!

This is how it looks like on a wolf. 

This is how it looks like on an Arctic Wolf. 

The members Gold Chain Necklace!
Gold Chain Necklace and Potted Flower Hat picture by WildLoveForCats

Potted Flower Hat! 

Rare Royal Cape!

Rare Aviator Hat! 
Credit to Snowyclaw

Picnic Table!

Also, a glitch! The Rare bow goes behind the spike. 

And behind the scarf. I'm guessing it glitches for pretty much all the neck items. 

Have you seen the Daily Puppy?
They show a new cute puppy everyday! :)
Look at this cute Pomeranian :3

Also, the Giant Gumball Machine yesterday as not a beta brought back. While I was posting (takes like an hour) someone tried to scam me by saying that the Giant Gumball Machine was beta. 
In fact, this is the real beta one. 

Phew! That was a lot to cover in one day! :)

Well, happy jamming!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Animal Jam Theme Song

Hey jammers! Double post today, but I just felt like posting this, because I actually wrote this song about a month ago, and I decided I shouldn't post pone it any longer, and to go ahead and post it.

You probably know it's me, Stang posting today, because I posted like less than half an hour ago about the daily item.

Anyway, I wrote this song so you can play it on an instrument.

If you're really good at reading notes you can hum/sing it.

It's the Animal Jam Theme Song in C Major.

Here it is:

Before you play it, consider what instrument you are playing. 

Look at what instrument it is, or related to and see what the list has to say about it:

Piano: The song is good in (middle) C Major and D Major on the piano. 

Violin: D Major

Guitar: A higher major. I'm not sure about the specifics, but it sounds good when played in a higher pitch on the guitar.

Bass: Low pitch.

Flute: High pitch?

I just put some common instruments, so if you're wasn't listed there, use logic and see if your instrument is a low, medium, or high pitched type and just change the major to one that fits it.

I will try to get a video, but it's going to be kinda hard, but I'll try. I'm just saying this because if I didn't post a video like a few month later, just remember this.

Anyway, that's pretty much it.
I'll try to compose music form the other places around AJ, but honestly, some of them are un-compose-able.  Such as Mt. Shiveer, it's just some kinda mountain whoosy-whoosy noise.

Well, happy jamming!

~Stang :)

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New stuff on Fun! 

Giant Gumball Machine, Map, and Chain Necklace

Hey jammers!
It's Stang posting today! :)

Sorry this post is late...
Honestly it'll kinda be like this during school so if you're a night owl, YAY! :)
I post late because I finish all my homework and then post, so you get the idea.

Anyway, the new item of the day is the Gumball Machine! Sells for 850 gems! Unfortunately, it's members...
Is it a returning beta? Because it kinda looks like one....

Also, the map changed from the Cartoon map, back the regular old map we had back then! :D
I think it was a change for good.

The Old Map.

The 'New' Old Map. ( Current.)

Also, DJ The Pony (on Google+, not AJ username) told me that she has seen an Arctic Wolf wear a Chain Necklace. It's most likely an unreleased item form the Phantom Adventures.
Sorry there is no picture of it available.

That's it for today, although there ARE new stuff on Fun! Check back on Fun about 10+ minutes after this post was updated to see some more new stuff on Fun! I created a fun new test so you guys can take!

Please comment and check out the other stuff! And share to help this blog grow!
(I've recently seen a decline in viewers. What happened?)
Well, happy jamming.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wind Armor Helmet and Unwanted Ads

Hey jammers! It's Stang posting today! :)

Sorry this is kinda late... You know why... school.

Anyway, the new item of the day is the Wind Armor Helmet!
It's the first piece of the Wind Armor set (like the Phoenix Armor set).
It sells for 2 diamonds, and is, of course, members...

This is what the full set of armor will look like! Pretty neat, altohugh the head piece reminds me of Red Riding Hood >.<

Here's what it looks like on a fox, and the first page of the Jamaa Journal! :D

Also, Crispymint has spotted some (unwanted) ads on the blog. I did not put them on the blog, nor am I earning money from them. 

Here's another ad, although I think that one is on

Also, I changed the look of the blog on a mobile. Now you can read more easier (sorry there was no white part behind the words on a tablet)!

In addition, the daily glitches! :)

While recycling your dens... You get 9,999,999 gems for each Castle! 0-0
(Notice: I am not a member, I found this on Google Images. Some other images were found on Google Images too.)

If the party starts in 0 minutes, doesn't that mean you can go already?! XD

 Extremely weird glitch when you are trying to change animals...
You have 8 animals names "Princess Orangemountain".

This is the craziest glitch so far...
I think it may have happened if you go to your den, go to Coral Canyons, and click edit den really quick?

I've been seeing a lot of animals running in place for a really long time. 
It's just plain weird. 
I was tlaking to my friend when the glitch happened, so I has enough time to make a GIF out of it. 
(Sorry it's not the best GIF.)

Talking about GIFs, there will be more arriving to the blog, mainly as pictures on the sidebar and on the "Fun" page. 

Well, that's the end of the post today!
Please comment, share and check out other posts and pages! :)
Thanks you for reading, and happy jamming!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stack of Books

Hey jammers! It's Stang! :)

The new item of the day is Stack of Books! I tihnk this was pre-released in the Phantom Adventures. It sells for 350 gems. Honestly, those books look too colorful to be related to school XD

Also, I have a weird glitch with the princess castle...
The wolf is sitting on the wall?
(By the way, the wolf did not do that skyway glitch, they just went and sat on the wall, no fancy stuff done.)

In addition, I put up the Daily Puppy! It's on the bottom left of the blog. 
Frankly, it's not what I had in mind (with the links below it). 
Please comment your opinion about it! :)

I also wanted to say that Crispymint was on the blog, and she saw an advertisement. I have no idea why there are ads on our blog, because I didn't put them up... 
Please tell me and send a picture to one of our emails if you see an ad. 

That's pretty much all it today. 
The authors and I will be pretty busy because of school, so sorry if we post a little later or anything like that. 
Please keep reading and supporting this blog! Check out the other pages and comment. :)
I will try to add a few sentances everyday on my author's "other" profile thing. (Author's page -> Stang -> Other)

Thanks for reading!


P. S. We might add Art. The authors will think about it and you guys will determine weather or not you want the page too by an upcoming poll. 

Vote on the new poll!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teacher's Desk and Cosmo Prizes

Hey jammers!
It's Stang, and the new item of the day is the teacher's desk. It sells for 550 gems, and is members. A few weeks ago, they started giving it out in Phantom Adventures.

Also, I tihnk I found some new Cosmo's Adventure prizes.
Greenhouse Window.

And a Beehive. 

Also, the old poll: How many stars is our blog?

The winning choice was INFINITY :O
I'd like to say.. 45 votes! That's a record! I guess this blog is growing! :)

Also, a glitch. 


If you look at the top right corner, there's a random floating thing that says change eyes.  

This isn't the type of glitch I could get on a screenshot, but I couldn't move at all. At first I could move, and then BAM my mouse wouldn't work. But when I went to my den, it wore off. (And it wasn't my mouse's fault.)

That's it for today. Check out the other pages, and chat. Don't forget to add Shared Chat to your website!
Please comment and share, bye jammers!

~Stang :D

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rare Nerd Glasses, Hidden Treasure, and Glitch

Hey jammers! It's Stang posting today!

The Monday Rare today is the Rare Nerd Glasses, whihc we knew was going to come sooner or later because of the Adventures.
It sells for 950 gems (expensive!) but it's non-member! Yay!

Here's how to find 2 of the 5 hidden treasures in the nonmember Phantom Adventure!
(Crispymint showed me! :D)

After you plug in all the corks, cross the river to the bunny in the pink dress.
Then go though the trees.

And you will find yourself in a clearing with a treasure box! Yay! It gives you 400 gems. 

And the other treasure box...

After plugging in all he corks, go to the place near the bunny burrow. 
Stand near the red ninja bunny. 

And walk/swim/run down the river. 

Treasure! This one gives you 400 gems as well. 

Also, here's a weird glitch...

Okay, so this is my Stang account, and everything is on. My den's unlocked, sound on, buddy requests on, and game invites on too. 

But then I went on my Stangerine account and it said that Stang wasn't on. 

So I tried to buddy myself, but this showed up. And the weird thing was, was that I was in my den with my buddies, and then my buddy's buddy came into my den, so that meant that the glitch wasn't affecting other jammers, only Stangerine. 

Glitch with the Arctic Wolf. 

This might be the void glitch... 

Do you see the white lines on the fox? It's seen best at it's feet. Pretty strange.. I've been seeing this type of glitch everywhere.

And last but not least, our old poll about cute puppies. This might seem like a random poll, but actually, there's a gadget for our blog, called the Daily Puppy, It will have a different cute puppy picture everyday. I'll put it up maybe on the bottom right of the blog. Remember, the readers shape the blog through polls. We're having a new poll right now about weather we should post Daily Explorer stuff. 

That's about it for today, bye! Check out the other stuff, share, and comment! :)


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