Contests! Hey jammers this is the contest page, as you see, and below I'll put the contests available. In order to win the fantastic rares, you must answer some questions or do whatever the contest rules say. If you have any contest ideas send them to or or

June 25, 2014



Hey Jammers! I'm hosting a new, summer-themed contest for you guys, and there will be lots of PRIZES!! ^o^

All you guys need to do is either:

1. Send me a picture of your animal in a cool summer-themed outfit! (Send It could be anything, from fabulous beach get ups to tropical island adventuring suits! ANYTHING that's related to SUMMER! Backgrounds are encouraged!

Also include your username in the email.
Here are some examples of what is qualifies:


What you probably shouldn't do:
First of all, it's not winter in AJ, and second, your player is not really the center of attention. 

2. Comment below what vacation/stay-cation plans you're having! Maybe you'll be going to the Bahamas for a cruise, or just chillin' with your friends and family. It could be as simple as sleeping the whole summer break (though I highly recommend not to)! Remember to comment only the general ideas and not give away too much info, such as commenting when you will be going, or the exact location of your stay.  

Include your username in the comment.

IF YOU LIVE IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, I understand that it is winter for you, so I will allow you to send winter themed pictures / winter vacation comments instead. 

Prizes: Every participant's username will be included in a post at the end of the contest. Other prizes may be rare items, art, or other stuff (one month of membership idk .-.) I'm not exactly sure yet, but I'll tell you later on!

End Date: Not decided.

And that's it for today! Tell your AJ buddies about this contest, and please enter!

April 20, 2014

This isn't really a contest because it's for fun, but you can do it... for fun..?

Okay so it was recently Easter (sorry I'm late) but you can find 5 Easter eggs on the blog!
They can be on pages or on sidebars. (You might have to do some scrolling.)

They kinda look like this:

November 2, 2013

New contest by Snowytaco! :D

Click that link below to see how to win two boss prizes!



Go to the link and answer a riddle in the comments, and you may win!

(Please do not copy each other's answers.)

September 28, 2013

Snowytaco is holding a giveaway! :)
Here's what she said:

Last but not least is my Giveaway! Because I feel bad about not posting, I'm giving away free items to a random person! All you need to do is comment the answers to these questions.

What is your Animal Jam Username?

Are you a Nonmember or a Member?

Random Comment about anything. I don't really care about what you put here, as long as you follow the site's rules. No advertising, rude comments, or bad language please! 


Please don't comment multiple numbers or submissions, or I will delete ALL your comments. Don't choose numbers that were already picked either. The winner will be chosen from the site . Remember, all entries are due next week on Friday, October 4 at about 5:00 pm Animal Jam Time (in Utah). Check back next week! If there are any questions or concerns, you can comment or email me The items I give away will not be announced, so don't ask.    

September 4, 2013

Crispymint suggested having an art contest, which Stang agreed.
So the art contest may take place during the "Grand Opening" of the new Art page! Yay!
The contest isn't starting yet, but that doesn't mean that you can't start practicing!
You can even draw you picture before hand and save it until we start the contest!
You can also send me the pictures as an email at, but remember to say weather yuo wanna enter it into the contest or not.
Also, please only one picture per jammer. (I don't want someone to send me a thousand pictures, because you know, complicated!)

Honestly, I'm not very sure about the prize, but for now, let's say it's a Bow and Arrow, getting your username on a post, and pride! :D

August 29, 2013

Stang is preparing contest questions and answers and the other authors are reviewing them!

July 25/26, 2013

Hey jammers! Sorry about the contest canceling... I'll try to get new questions! Sorry for the delay...
Prepare for the next contest soon!

July 14, 2013

Hi jammers! The long awaited contest is finally here! Email the answers to send them to either or or

Q: Can you name a famous, 'legend' jammer who isn't rare?

Q: What day was AJ Buddies created? Include the month, day, and year. 

Q: What day did the 'Wolf Totem', the 'Gold Bar', the underwater 'Barrel Seat' and the underwater 'Clover Trident' come out on the same day?

Q: What month gave out rare clouds? (include year)  

Q: Is a golden pirate sword about as rare as the other pirate sword colors?

Q: What is the difference between nonmember scary bat wings and member bat wings that are colored black besides that one is nonmember and one is member?

Q: What is the maximum amount of animals/avatars a member can get?

Q: Who are the authors?

Q: How many different types of Best Dressed game are there?

Q: How much clothing items can one account hold at most? Explain. 

The prize is bow and arrows, and you can choose what color you want, and we'll see if we have it. 
Good luck! Remember, send your answers to either send them to or or

July 10, 2012 
The contest will start tomorrow. The prize will be determined by the poll. Thank you for voting everyone! By the way, there's a new poll up. Good luck in the contest tomorrow! You'll need AJ smarts!

July 9, 2013
Hey jammers! As you may have heard and probably guessed from the poll (that's ending in a few hours/tomorrow) a new contest is coming up. The prize is determined by you! Come here tomorrow and the following day, because any of those days, I'm going to set up the contest. Below are the rules and all that stuff.

Note: Remember a contest is not a give-away, so you have to work for the prize. Contestants will be required to answer around 10 questions, and if you get all 10 questions right, we will randomly choose someone to get the prize, unless only one person answered all correctly. If nobody answers all questions correctly, we might just give it to the person who answered the most. If someone leaks answers, the contests has a high likelihood of being canceled, and honestly, a lot of people probably will dislike you (probably the other contestants.) 

June 25, 2013
Hiya jammers! Currently there are no contests available, but the authors are preparing one. There will be 3-5 winners for each contest, grand prize is planned to be the Rare Lion Plushie, and second place and third will get fox hats.


  1. Probably tomorrow. I'm really sorry about the delay, because I've been really busy doing other stuff.

  2. Hello Stang I was wondering after this contest can i be a contributer?

    1. By contributor do you mean that you're going to supply prizes, supply questions, or something else?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dude, you're not allowed to say the answers on the comments. I think I might have to change to questions or end the contest. Next time, just either don't post it in the comment or tell me if you can't email me. Other people may read the comment so now all the answers are exposed .

    2. good job you just ruined all the fun!

    3. It's bad that he put the answers in the comments, but there's no need to be a hater. And a note to everyone, a new contest is coming soon! :D

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  4. Translate it to french thats how I wrote it

  5. Stang i think your extremely awesome and cool XD

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you!
      (P. S. I'll put up your YouTube channel on the videos part of the blog.)

    2. OMG! It's U8jl of really funny bans! I love that show.

  7. Hi Stang, I am kind of stuck on a question sorry. When you say: " How many different types of Best Dressed game are there?" Do you mean in Animal Jam or how many different types of Best Dressed games are there around the world. Thanks. :)

    1. On Animal Jam, but sorry those contest questions are eh.. "expired" because the ocntest was canceled due to an answer leak.

    2. Oh, okay! And in question 3 I *think* you made a typo.. The question is:
      "What day did the 'Wolf Totem', the 'Gold Bar', the underwater 'Barrel Seat' and the underwater 'Clover Trident' *some* out on the same day?"
      I did the * thing on 'some' because I don't think that makes sense, did you mean *Come*?

    3. Oh yeah... I make a lot of typos ^-(\
      Thanks for the tip! :D

  8. Stang your are The best person i have known usally when i meet people off of their blog they are rude BUT YOU SEEM VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! You're a really kind and awesome person too! :D


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  10. AJ BUDDIES DANGER (if this is removed, this means that aj buddies is a coward)February 16, 2014 at 7:00 AM

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  11. I'm going to the beach! Well I was at the beach XD
    I'm skiburtis

  12. I'm camping and hanging out with friends and family!
    my username is zks910


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