Friday, May 15, 2015

New Game, Contest Results, and Cheetahs!

Hi buddies, this is Stang!

Last week's update was a "half-update" which explains why we have another so soon.

Check out my animation/game Interactive Baymax!
This post includes the Jamaa Journal, with animal news, a new game and more.

Cheetahs are back! You can buy one now at the Diamond Shop or learn about them in the museum.

There's a new buddy game! :D
Buddy games are really fun, especially if it has another special purpose, but I really wish you could earn more gems from it. 

The new game is a bowling game. First, the ball goes left and right (click to stop it). Next, there is an arrow rotating left and rights; click to determine your angle. 

Aim for the middle to strike!
If you miss, you get another chance. (I think you get a second chance on the third card.)

Click "Read More" to find out which den item theme won!

The winner of the den item contest is... Mechanical Future! (Yay! :D)

Seven items have been released so far. (Six member, one nonmember.)
Surprisingly, they're all pink...I didn't expect that.

The Mechanical Dragon Egg's color can be changed, and when you click it (after you buy it and place it in your den) it turns into a baby dragon!

Credit to animaljam.wikia for the picture!
Otters will be traveling soon. Be sure to buy one soon! (They're super cute >w<)

The Summer Carnival is coming back soon! Trade away your summer carnival prizes for rares. (Or you can start early on trading away holiday items.)

Remember when the home page picture changed? I don't think I showed you this part so here it is: 
(sorry if I already did :P)

That's it for today! Thanks for reading, share to support and jam on!



  1. The baby dragon isn't a color. It hatches from the egg when you click it!

    1. Oh oops lol I'll change that. Thanks! :)


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