Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hi, I'm Back!

Hey buddies, it's me, Stang. I'm back from vacation! I hope everyone managed to stay updated with Animal Jam while I was gone. :)

This isn't AJ related, but recently my Scratch project, Fireworks, got featured, so I'm spending more time on Scratch. However, I'll still try to bring everyone quality special posts. In addition, Scratch requires you to say what country you're from. I put Antarctica to stay anonymous, since it's obvious I don't.

Anyway, wow, a lot happened while I was gone! I'm going to show you guys the most recent updates. If I miss any, which I probably will haha, please let me know in the comments or by email if you want to attach pictures!

First, here's the Jamaa Journal!

There's a new den called the Bounce House. It costs 5 diamonds only!

The Jamaaliday Party appeared from the 24th-26th of July. 

 The Battle for the Beacon is a limited time adventure and will go away in a few more weeks. (What are the prizes? I've never played it before.)

There's new items at the Summer Carnival, like a Mira Balloon and other thing balloon which I believe is also called Mira but doesn't bear much resemblance to the bird Mira. 

Hyenas are currently away from Jamaa.

You can buy a cute pet ferret now, with a membership card!

While trolling around with Crispymint and another buddy, we accidentally went into a Portuguese den! (Which is a newly added language, I believe.)

Anyway, that's all I have for today. More updates will be coming soon, so keep reading Animal Jam Buddies! Share to support and jam on, bye!


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