Sunday, January 26, 2014

Topcoat and Code

Hey buddies! This is Stang!

Today's new item is the Topcoat! Pretty fancy looking!
What might this lead to? Fancy roleplay and butler/servants?

Also, I found out a (probably old code) while researching.
It's 'drawing'.

Also, we have the latest poll results! The winning choice is Entire Animal.
(Sorry to all the commenters below. I fixed the problem now.)

If you see the other poll that is up, page is winning by a landslide vote! So instead of daily beta facts, I'll put them on a page so jammers new to the blog can also see the same stuff without searching forever!

Well, that's it for today! Bye jammers!


P. S. New poll coming soon! If you have a great poll in mind, you can ask for it on Ask!


  1. Stang, doesn't the poll say that Entire Animal Suits win with 15 votes? -SnowyTaco

    1. That's a big whoopsee! D8)

    2. Oh yeah.. sorry I guess I was in a rush. I'll fix it! :)

  2. stang u made a BIG mistake.... 53% is more than 46%

    1. I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.


Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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