Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Candle Ornament and Poll

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

Looks like AJ is already getting ready for Christmas because the member's Candle Ornament already came in! It sells for 100 gems, and comes in varying colors.

Trading tip: Be sure to trade away you old Christmas items from last year, for it is highly likely that they will come back in! (Trade for rares.)

Also, an old poll! Here's the reader's responses to the question!

Almost everyone voted for "Yes!" , with 4 votes in depends form our deep thinkers, and one on "No!" although it's most likely the hater.

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Glitches Galore and Ice Armor Pictures!

Also, new stuff on fun! Check it out! A picture of something ironic, and more news on stories! The genres have been chosen, and the WIP wolf facts have been completed!


Community Question of the Day:

Do you think it's strange that Christmas items are already coming in before Thanksgiving?

Post your answer in the comments!


  1. I guess it really isn't that strange. I don't see why :P

    1. True; like every big brand has started Christmas sales before Thanksgiving week.


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