Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pencil Table and HATERS

Hi jammers! This is the Stang.

Here's the new item of the day, the member's Pencil Table! If you look closely, it's writing something!

I also have some rather unfortunate news.. about haters... And this time, they faked their name as MINE, so just look for the profile picture, and idk if authors have a little blue thing but, yeah, look for that too. If they change their profile picture to mine, it's probably going to have huge pixels and stuff, so look for that to, just in case. 

(Note: Go to Blogs page for crime scene. At least one is still up there.)

Here's some picture. A fellow jammer ( black out for privacy) commented about a blog, and the fake replied in a very mean way. 

Here's another, where they are claiming that they (as me) are going to shutdown the blog, which has a .01% of happening. 

Here's some DE posts! The late post about the Monday Rare. 

And WOOHOO! Penguins! (Realize that the animal up there is also a penguin too! ^)

Anyway, that's not it! New art on, what else, Art! Anyway, share to support, and keep reading, buddies!



  1. Hey! To the person who is hacking my blogger acc (whoever you are): Please Just Stop! Why did you hack my account and change my password??

    And you guys: I always thought you are an idiot ever since you are my fan.... BIG FOOL!

    1. you're the one that is a fool

    2. HEY STOP BEING MEAN TO STANG SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND BULLY ME NOT HER im used to it already anyway >:(

    3. that is sad i dont like it when people are bullying :(

    4. Okay, so I know this is confusing and stuff, but by my stang-special personality that is non-replicate-able, you can tell who the real Stang is. Based on psychology (study of the human behavior/mind/that stuff), I'd love the people who visit my blog, and I do appreciate you guys, and I would NEVER call you guys big fools.

  2. Wut?? A fake Jamaa Stang replied to my comment hating me? Wow! We need to find somehow to stop these haters!

  3. I'm sorry about stupid haters and impersonators, Stang :c They're really annoying. I hope whoever he or she is will stop soon!


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