Saturday, April 25, 2015

5 Things That Will Make Animal Jam Better

Hey buddies! This is Stang.

I decided to make a post about ten things that would greatly improve Animal Jam. They're not in any type of order but just the ones I thought of first.

1. Gem Transfer

Do you have multiple accounts? Does one have a lot more gems than the other? I have that problem too. My main account has 100/100 clothing and 104,000 gems as my other accounts have a lot fo free space but are broke.

If you had the ability to send gems to other player and accounts, you'd have no problem with gems.

However, there's a problem: some people would make tons of accounts just for the starter 1000 gems in it. People would stop playing mini games to earn gems and there would be a lot of ghost accounts floating around.

2. Multiple Trades at the Same Time

It's pretty boring waiting for someone to accept a trade, and the solution to that is being able to send multiple trades at once.

3. More Inventory Space

Credit to
Most people obviously need more inventory space and also space for other stuff too; clothing, den items, buddies, and more. We don't really need more den and animal space that badly, but some people like having one of each (collectors).

4. Official Clans

Clans are cool but it would be even better if we could form official clans. I'm not really into clans on Animal Jam but I know a lot of jammers are. There could be a separate "buddy" system for clans, and it would include their information of where to meet, their territory, weather another clan wants to attack or negotiate with you, clan name, members, and more.

However, some problems may occur: disputes over "territory" (this can be solved by letting territory being the den of the clan's leader), leadership, who wins in a "battle" (well this one already exists) and the fact that famous people would have practically everyone in their clans.

5. Special Modes

I think there should be special modes on Animal Jam to help make it more fun.

Useful modes include:
  1. Solitary mode: nobody or nobody but yourself is shown. This will help bloggers, video makers, famous people who want peace and others. 
  2. Zoom mode: so we can zoom in and out. This probably shouldn't be allowed for labyrinth type of games, though. 
  3. Clan mode: you can only see people in clans and their clan will be indicated with a name, color and symbol. This way, an innocent passerby won't be yelled at for trespassing territory. 
Do you have anymore ideas for other modes or ways to make Animal Jam better? Comment your ideas below. (I can make a sequel post if we get enough ideas! :D)

Thank you for reading, share to support, comment, and check out other parts of the blog! Jam on, bye!



  1. I probably have like three of the items in number three LOL

  2. I've seen the draft, and I read it. It's amazing, and I doubt that someone would disagree.

  3. I've always wanted a weather mode so you can switch on weather like rain or sun, day or night to personalize it or have it match your weather.

    1. Whoa that sounds really cool! I'll put that onto the sequel post. Thanks! :D

  4. this would make life soo much easier, but instead add diamond and animal transfer, if u r changing account 4 some reason u can keep the animals u already bought and not spend extra gems.

    1. But why would anyone want to switch accounts? (You can change your username but keep the same account, by the way.)

  5. The thing with the Clan thing:
    Animal Jam is a kid's game.. and if there were "clans", there would be "clan battles" and that equals violence.. also disputes over territory and whatnot.
    There should be a "ADULT AJ SERVER" where accounts over 15+ can access. In this, there would be a clan mode and there wouldn't be the "Chat filter" thing nowadays. (there'd still be the chat types though)

  6. all those ideas are GREAT. I really like the clan thing x3 i live roleplay in clans. in addition to having clans, there should be loners and rogues as well. yes, this may cause battles in stuff, but that's what makes roleplays FUN!

  7. I'm not really into clans, but I do agree with Vanilla AJ. But I only agree with the clan part. I think it's a good idea. Good idea Vanilla AJ.

  8. Well, I am a HUGE den decorator, that is my favorite thing to do in AJ, and people say that is my specialty!
    But, sometime I have NO idea what do do, I think they should do a place where they give you den ideas! P.S This is my first time on your blog! :D


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