Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Thing That Will Change the Blog Forever

Hi, it's Stang, with a rather different post than usual. (This is the much-anticipated "Big Changes" post.)

Do you like it like this? With repetitive posts everyday, over and over again? I like this blog, the readers, the authors, and so on, but honestly, making posts repeatedly, with approximately the same things gets rather boring. Don't worry; I love the blog and the people associated with it. Well actually the blog gets boring, not you guys; you're amazing.

Anyway, this is what the big changes are about. I'm going to make it much more exciting, for you, and me as well. I figured that although you'd like to know the daily item and daily news, you also like other stuff, more exciting, abnormal things. Beside, it's really obvious that you use another blog for your daily news. (Hmm... I sure wonder which blog it is?)

(For those who can't read English, it says "CHANGE AHEAD".)
The first problem was how the posts were boring and repetitive. The second problem is that all of us authors are really busy. Obviously, we can't post that much, so to solve both problems is to stop making daily posts. I know that you may be very confused now because all Animal Jam blogs are about what the daily item is, and maybe some extra news if possible. Well you know, it's about time to break the "tradition". We can start a new type of blog, begin a revolution. We can make a lasting difference in the world of Animal Jam.

We're going to become a more exciting and distinctive blog.
Instead of the repetitive, boring daily posts we used to make, Animal Jam Buddies will focus on special posts. They'll be more exciting, exotic and distinctive. In addition, the authors can spend more time doing whatever they do without worrying about the blog. (I don't know about the other authors, but I do.)

All current authors as of April 2015. 
Talking about authors, some have calmly choose to leave. Also, some haven't been on forever and haven't even contacted me. It won't be that bad, though. Once I remove them, I'll immediately send them an email asking them if they want to join again. Weather they still use their email will determine the outcome. (Most of them use a special Animal Jam email so we can tell who still posts on the blog and who doesn't.)

With this new time, I'll be making more games on Scratch, editing the pages more and make many quality special posts. Once in a while, I might post the daily item, but as a review.

Hopefully our blog will flourish and the revolution will catch on. I'm willing to make partnerships with other blogs who post the daily items (there are requirements, however) to spread news about this new type of blog, plus the blog itself as well.

Thank you for reading! I hope you appreciate these changes, and nevertheless, post your comments and feedback! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Share to support and jam on! Bye buddies!



  1. I liked the daily posts thought. But I kinda agree to make this blog for special posts :P.

    1. Wait what I don't understand why you said but.

  2. I can offer my service as a weekly author, and I can offer giveaways and Play Wild BETA information.

    1. That sounds great! Do you have blogging experience? (Link?) Also, what items are you going to give away? I originally planned not to accept anymore authors, but I hope we can talk some more.

    2. To be honest, I had deleted my blog a few years ago, because I had been getting spam ;-;
      Normally, I would give away spikes, mech angel helmets, or a mystery animal jam box (Something rare I had gotten from TFD(No it doesn't exist I mean a random rare item ;;)
      Do I have parent permission?
      Yes I do, I am allowed to join blogs related to children's games.
      For play wild BETA I can offer glitches and bugs and sneak peeks,
      But not very common until the IOS comes out, I'm more familiar with the ipad ^^'

    3. Hmm... I think you'd be an amazing authors but unfortunately I have some trust issues with what people say and what they actually do so we might have to sort some things out. You mentioned that your parents allow you to join any blog related to children's games. Are you any type of author (side or main) on any other blogs? (It doesn't have to be AJ related.) If yes, please send me the link.
      By the way, those prizes are really REALLY good .3.
      I might put you on a two week trial after you reply if you send a link to a blog or I am satisfied with your answer. Okay, that sounds a little weird :l
      Anyway... If I put your on the trial I'll add you to become an author and just post how you will be able to post regularly. The normal requirements are post one quality special post at least once a week unless there's an abnormal emergency.
      I'm looking forward to posting with you! :)

      P.S. I need your gmail adress to add you.

    4. Oh my, you didn't get my other reply. I probably wrote a truckload there.
      Anyways, I agree with you that you can't trust anyone on the Internet. Who knows? I might be right outside your window right now as you read this, preparing to EAT YOU .3.
      Anyways, here is the link to my blog, I quit for similar reasons.
      I now specialize in hoarding rates, Animation, drawing, screenshots, contests, THE LIST GOES ON
      my two emails: (This one is used more) (My alternate)
      And yeah, I'm pretty sure I can post once a week.
      By the way, is it possible that I can do a giveaway on the first OFFICIAL AUTHOR post? I'm looking forward to it if I will be welcomed ^^'
      Thanks XD

    5. Sometimes Blogger glitches and doesn't publish your comment. I think you have to fully wait for the page to reload.
      Anyway, I saw your blog, and it's pretty good but can use some improvements: grammar, capitalization, and continuous efforts (you had a good reason for the dwindling posts, though).
      About the drawing/animation, maybe you can share them the blog from time to time :)
      I'd prefer to invite the email you use more but uh I'm just feeling weird that it's called moshi monsters. (I'm going to add both now and delete one later. By the way, which email are you using to comment?)
      And lastly, YES, feel free to do giveaways, although not so much that they get boring :D

    6. (I'm using the mosh I monsters one, I was a little baby back then, I hate it now XD)
      Don't worry, my alternate is actually the one I'm going to use more soon, I have a feeling my class mates will hack the other one...
      Of course, I agree with the improvements, since I have been so small at the time, I never thought about those things XD (Alice you are a snowyclaw wannabe and you are failing!)
      And of course! As I said, I like to become rare again so I can make a giveaway, Every 3 months or 4 ^^'
      Anyways I saw your invitation, I better accept from my alt first.
      Thank you very much :D

  3. I can also be an author .. I know that when I tried out last October, I didn't pass, but I'm willing to try again. And my blog isn't daily items either ... it also hasn't been posted on in a month ... that's a problem.

  4. ilovewolfsalot16829 will attack the toes :) but either way, hello kids :3


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