Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Festival Help + Giveaway!

Hey jammers! Are you having fun trading today?
Oh thats right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Alice Efimoff, But feel free to call me Kat, Solar or Buggy. My favourite hobbies are drawing, animating and giving away stuff :0
Anyways, have any of you been struggling with the Spring Festival? Lets face it, we have. But I have a few secrets that I will give away to you so you can get all 100 eggs >:3
First of all, when you play the Spring Festival, You should collect ten eggs from the middle.
10 Eggs!
After you have done that, In each "Petal section" (If you did not know, The map is shaped like a flower! ^_^), you should be able to find 15 eggs.
Finishing a petal section.

Now, lets do the math.
85+15=100 eggs!
If you use this strategy, I am pretty sure you will get all your prizes much faster than usual •—•

Anyways, since this is my very first post here, I want to thank our amazing authors for welcoming me here, and to celebrate, I am doing a giveaway!
"What is the prize?"
The prize is a...
Yellow long spike Wristband, if we get 5 entries.
Same prize as above + Blonde pigtails for  15 entries.
Blue short collar for  20+ Entries!
How to Enter:
Type in your username on Animal Jam in the comments below.
Tell me if you are a member or non-member.
Each person will get a number, and, by the end of May 2nd, I will announce the winners.
This is your oppurtunity, use it now! ^_^

Thanks for reading this post guys!
~Alice Efimoff


  1. YAY! /\ /\
    =( - . - )=/ Happy Kitty Kat Day!
    |\/ \/|/
    \/ \/

    1. oh hey! I'm Rubikitty! :3
      And I'm not sure I'm aloud to enter because I'm an Author.
      anyway, thanks for letting me back in Stang. I really appreciate being given such a privilege ;D

    2. Of course, your in.
      Your number is 1.

    3. To BlueWat: Of course I'd let you back! ;)
      You're a great friend and unlike the other old authors (basically all authors except Kat/Solar/Buggy) you contacted me despite difficulties.

  2. Are you going to say something about AJ might being hacked or is it just the Jammers?

    1. I believe that it is for Stang to decide. And, I believe that the jammers are probably making up rumours.
      All good storytellers exxagerate.

    2. I can make a post about that.

  3. Am I allowed to join the giveaway, too? (I just can't resist spikes >w<)

    1. Of course! It does not matter if you are an author or not.
      I can't enter myself though.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What I mean is:
    webkinz78620 and member :P

  6. User:starships1029
    Stats: member
    Meow cx. Welcome Solar. I love drawing and animating too so that's amazing. Lol

  7. Username: cpflying
    Im the fifth entry so We might get a long yellow wrist now :D

  8. Username: Iceclaw28730
    Hai welcome! -hands taco-

  9. Hi!
    I'm themockingjaylives18!
    I am a nm and I would LOVE to win a spike even though I cannot wear it! Thanks!

  10. Arcticpenguinii
    Nonmember but still wants it

  11. Oh look someone with the same first name AND THE SAME NICKNAME AS ME.

    I should introduce myself. I am Alice, but my friends call me Kat. I am the former author of Animal Jam buddies. I would still like to be an author but i dont honestly think thatll happen.

    If you would like to ask me any questions about this page dont hesitate to ask. I dont know everything so dont expect a clear answer.

    Congrats on being an author!

  12. BrownieTheLover

  13. Ah I guess ill enter.


  14. Hi stang! love your posts. My username is Jammer6y6gz. I'm a non member. I want a spike because my friend got scammed a spike in order to save my items. I am very touched. I want to give my friend a spike to thank her. Please choose me. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. 12.
      This is random, and I dont really take reasons, but your still in.

    2. oops sorry i got your name wrong sorry alice

  15. Hi!~
    My username is flashwhite and I am an nm
    BTW Nice profile pic! It's great!

  16. Hey ppl, I am alibear40, and I am a nm. I would like this prize because about a month ago, I was hacked, and I lost my black long and pink and white headdress. I am sure this will help me get back on my feet! -alibear40

  17. Heyo Jammers!
    Username: percyandannabeth17
    Status: NM
    Reason: I want to give it to my buddy who is the best friend I ever had!

  18. come on who won? i am Hipeople0o0 and am a non member plz choose me! :3

  19. Username: Wickedisthebest
    Status (For now): Member
    Reason: I want to give it to my friend for her birthday! :P


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