Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Update, New Look, and New Land!

Hi buddies, it's Stang!

I just posted the big changes but I'm still not sure about which posts should and should not be posted now, because some are part daily and part special, like updates.

I don't know weather or not, so here it is:

The new update brings a similar yet different log in page! One thing I don't understand is that there is a "home" button, but isn't this page supposed to already be the home page?

Credit to Webkinz78620 for sending in these pictures :)
By the way, this is what the new "play login" pop-up looks like.

There's also some new loading pages. This is one of them. (It finally got updated to spring ones! :D)

Today is update day, so a new Jamaa Journal has been published!

Pet Geckos are here! Wait, they're in everyone's favorite song? I didn't know that :T Oh right I don't listen to the music.. haha I forgot...

Click "Read More" to find out about an exclusive animal, a returning party and a new land?! .3.

Buy an AJ gift-card to receive an exclusive spring bunny! :)

The Cruise Ship Party is back! You can buy juice machines and other cool limited-time items! Also, polar bears, wary of the heat, will return when the weather is cooler.

This is an old page from the last Jamaa Journal... I think... April 22nd is Earth Day and there's a somewhat new Best Guess party.

It kind of looks like Crystal Sands, and might be another updated looks for it. (Crystal Sands' look was update about two times, from a barren stretch of land to a more beach feeling to an amazing water park.)

That's it for today! Comment suggestions and feedback, and share to support. Plus, don't forgot to enter into Kat's (yes, I will call her Kat) giveaway! You can win spikes and more! Share to support and jam on, bye!

~Stang :)



    1. I did :l
      By the way, I don't go online everyday, so if I don't respond, I'm not ignoring you.

  2. Oh my, just for a little information,
    The spring bunny's moves are the same as the normal bunny, only with flowers around them,

    1. Okay, thanks! I'll make a spring bunny post soon, with some other stuff too :)

  3. WOW! I like the new update, especially the new land. If a few more players are added, this game will become more fun and entertaining.


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