Friday, January 3, 2014

Ice Cube Chair and New Code

Check out Stang's new game, Escape 2!

Hey buddies! :D

This is the Stang! Sorry for late post >.<

Anyway, the new item of the day is the member's Ice Cube Chair!

Also, there's a new code!

Enter in Tigris for 500 gems! Sweet! :)

Yesterday a glitch happened, when I was on Stangerine, using the big calling thingy to ask anyone to play Four Gem with me. Turns out, the Four Gem board never disappeared...

(I have a lot of pictures so click for a larger picture.)

You can move around using the arrows still... .-.

...And enter buildings!

I tried to exit and it just kept loading at an unreasonably slow speed, so I logged out. 

Look, another glitch! If you look closely, the fox has an outline; animation glitch. 

Talking about foxes... have you ever noticed that when you turn blue, your actions turn blue, including the fox burrow hole?

That's actually not it for today, but I have wayyy to many pictures, so see another interesting thing about deer on Fun!

Check out other posts and pages, and jam on! :)


P. S. A super special posts and prizes will come soon!

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