Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tall Pine Trees and Possibly a Giveaway?

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco posting today ^_^  Today's new item is the Tall Pine Tree! It costs 400 gems and is sold at Jam Mart Furniture as a member item. You can change the way the snow is arranged on the tree, but sadly it is not possible to buy different colored pine trees.

Doesn't look too tall to me, though.

And that's the only item for today! 

But since this post is getting a little boring....

How about a Giveaway!! :D 

     So you know in the last post about Tunnel Town and AJ Jump? Well, if you comment your AJ Username and something about one or both of those apps (it does't matter if you own it or not, just comment something reasonable about it c: ), you have a chance of getting a free Phantom Watcher! Only members can get this den item in Hard mode of The Great Escape. If you're a nonmember and you win, I'll buddy you and we can find a way to send you a free Phantom Watcher! ^u^

There is no specific ending date, but I could be soon!

And that's is for today! Tell your AJ Buddies to enter too! :)


  1. webkinz78620
    There's a rare bunny that's white and you can only breed them, the hint is they have some arctic in them

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. There are two modes of Jump game play, Jump! and Survivor.

  4. User: Iamcrazy1012
    Aj jump is a really fun game :)

  5. User: kitikat321
    On AJ jump monkeys throw gems for you :)

  6. Twinkle12433 using my sisters google account X3
    On AJ jump u can see your AJ buddies top scores
    I rally want the watcher so plz plz.... :(


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