Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow Trail Shoes, Howl and Awesome DE Posts

Hiya buddies! This is the Stang, posting much earlier than usual :)

The new item today is the Snow Trail Shoes!

When I got on today, I saw this cool thing! AJHQ accepted my howl! :D

When they accept your howl, you get a Howl Plaque! Cool! :D

Also, some super awesome posts form the DE! (I only post ones that look pretty cool. You can go to too look at other ones.)

Well, that's it for today, jammers! See you again tomorrow! :)



  1. great!!!
    wish i could get 1!!!!!>_<
    - panda23617

    1. You can! Just send a howl to the Jammer Central and you'll get it! But it might take like 2-3 weeks because there's so many jammers sending howls already. Also, you have to say something positive about AJ.


Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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