Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jester, Chicken Smoothie, and Where Membership Money Goes To

Hey jammers! This is Stang! Sorry for the super long title but there's just too much stuff in this post, and you can't leave out the new item of the day, right? (<--- you can contradict that in the comments)

I guess the March stuff passed, because today's new item has no clovers.

The new item of the day is the Jester Hat!
The price is actually pretty good :)

A creature feature from the DE!
The Golden Eagle!
AJHQ helped fix an eagles broken wing; the money that members pay goes to stuff like this. (And maybe also to pay workers, programmers, etc. )

In yesterday's post, I got a comment asking me weather I play Chicken Smoothie. 

My answer is: Yes! :)

My username is Stang.
I joined a few months ago, and I don't spend too much time on there, because pets only come in monthly. I do go on if I get a trade/message notification, though. 

I actually forgot what my profile picture is, so here's my favorite pets!
I usually only dress up my favorite pets, and I think there's some more, but I couldn't fit them. 
(In the second picture, can you tell which thing is the pet? (a.) Gingerbread doll (b) Hamster (c) Puffball)
(See caption below for answer :P)

My pets. The second one is a hamster. 
About the "I got a comment asking me" part, you can ask me question on either Ask or a post. (Although I kinda suggest Ask because, well, it's in the name.)

Well, that's it for today! Bye jammers!


P. S. I accept gifts and that stuff on Chicken Smoothie. Idk if there's a friend limit but right now I don't really have that much so you can ask to be my friend on Chicken Smoothie.


  1. Stang I love your posts do you think you could subscribe to me!

    1. Thanks! By subscribing to you, do you mean on Youtube,addiing you on G+, or to you blog?

  2. Stang.Can u freind me CS :3 Im Olyandtabbs and i love dis blog,You see me almost dailey on G+,Im Kat Doporto on G+ So yeah :3

    1. Sure! (And thanks for commenting so much!)


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