Saturday, March 22, 2014

Peck Dolls and Sailor Hats

Hi everyone! This is Stang.

So, first, wat no one posted 0-0
Sorry I didn't post yesterday...

So yesterday's item was the Sailor Hat!
It's a member underwater item.

Today's item is the Nesting Peck Doll!

Here is today's and yesterday's DE posts!

Go to AJ Academy to learn about crocodiles!
Wouldn't it be cool if we had a building in Jamaa that you can go to to learn about animals? Kind of reminds me of the museum in Appondale!

Yesterday's DE post was about octopuses! General Fancypaw asked Tierney a question. Watch the video for the answer!

That's it for today, bye jammers! (Share to support and read other posts and pages!)

~Stang :)

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