Sunday, March 2, 2014

Patch of Clovers, Polls, and AJ Ad...?

WAT I thought someone was going to post today :T

Sorry buddies. (By the way, this is the Stang.)

Today's new item is the Clover Patch. 
Yeah, it's different in the title. I change it up a bit sometimes. 

Here's an advertisement for Animal Jam I found on Google Images. 

First thought: This does not look like AJ...

Okay, so my theory is that since Animal Jam was meant to target 5-9 year olds (yes, 5-9 year olds), they put some little stuffed animals and little-kid-friendly stuff. 
My other theory is that this is fake. 

Here's some poll results!
People think that there's going to be sky worlds. Apparently, there kinda has, but like extra floating islands, not a whole new land, although soon... there might be? :)

Here's another more recent poll:
It's about AJ copying Flappy Bird.

People are okay with it. Probably because there's been like 10 other copies of it too, on the app market, and Flappy Bird was taken off of the App Market, so now we can still play it, only with different looks. 

Have you seen out new gadget? It's kinda like an upgrade of our bland Games gadget. I figured people like pictures better. 

Well, that's it for today! Bye buddies, and jam on! :)



  1. That animal jam ad is a different animal jam. It was a show for little kids that showed colorful animal puppets dancing with people.

  2. Very true, that Animal Jam Ad is real It's a TV show for little kids. I don't know what ch. It's on though. I've seen the ad's and pictures a lot for the show, but never knew what It was about.

  3. That's not really an ad. It's the theme card for Jim Henson's Animal jam. I'd know because I'm obsessed with him and his work.

  4. That ad for is actually for a kiddy show. I think after Jim Henson stopped making his show he let the game Animal Jam use it. I'm not sure i gotta do more research.

    1. They actually are not associated with each other so both names are entirely coincidental.

  5. the animal jam add was for the show they did for it

    1. It's a show for little kids, and it's not an add it's an image (their slogan).

  6. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's not an add, it's the slogan of a show for kids called ''Animal Jam''.

  7. Yes, it is a show called ''Animal Jam''.


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