Monday, March 31, 2014

Headphones and Milkshakes

Hey jammers! This is Stang!
Sorry about not posting often, but we'll have the new author as soon as Snowytaco gets my email and stuff.

Anyway, there are two new items!

The Monday Rare is the Rare Gold Headphones! :D

There's a DE post about it too!
That racoon actually looks pretty good with it :)

And here's the Milkshake Hat!
I wonder how AJHQ knows that we love food so much :)
(Find this in the April Fool's party.)

And, here's an old poll about old posts! :P
Apparently the highest read old posts are ones who's links are on the Best Posts page! (I need to update it soon.)

Well, that's not it for today! You can go to to see more DE posts and I'll put a new poll soon! Bye jammers! Share to support and keep reading! :D


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