Sunday, March 16, 2014

Phantoms Might be Good, Greely's Survival, and Similar Balloons

Hi jammers! This is Stang, and sorry for the late post.

Today's new item has to do with, guess what?
If you guessed chicken,'re wrong. 

The new item of the day is the Clover Balloon!
It sells for 200 gems and has different colors, such as purple. (Although I have never saw a purple colored clover. Pollution?)

When I was saving the file of this picture, I realized the name is really REALLY close to this item:.
They're called Clover Balloons, and today's item is called the Clover Balloon

Here's some news from the AJHQ about Greely's Statue, the seventh adventure!
Summary in a Sentence: Greely might have died and the phantoms, whom we have been fighting for the past six adventures, might actually be good, so play the seventh adventure to find out!*
*May be members only but don't worry nonmembers, you'll only have to wait a few more months until it will be for all jammers!

Last but not least, the latest poll!
After how many pictures should we put a page break in super long posts? (Mainly directed at Fun posts.)
The top choice is 3-4!

Well, that's it today! I'm going to change the Games gadget, and don't forget you can go to Ask and suggest a poll, post, page, or a change to a gadget! Share to support, and bye jammers!



  1. You spelled is wrong in "the new item of the day si the clover balloon!" :-)

    1. Oh, sorry, and thank you for letting me know!


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