Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bye Jammers

Hi jammers, this is Stang. 

I have some...

depressing news...

Blogging has just...

become too much...


And sometimes Animal Jam gets boring...

All the beta rares are coming in...



I'm quitting. 


April Fools! :D

Sorry if you got a bit nervour there, but I couldn't help pulling a trick on you blog readers :P
Heheheheeheh >:P
Sorry XD

Do not give away the trick on my Google+ post. 

It's April 2nd in the Eastern hemisphere, but the highest viewing country is the the west, so yeah. Also, AJHQ is in the Western hemisphere. 

Anyway, here's the new items of the day! (They're April Fool's themed.)

I can't see them! AJ has glitched!
Naw, they're actually supposed to be like that. 

Meet the Silly Item, the Zany Item, and the Wacky Item!
If you buy them, they look different. They're like rockets and buttons and fake holes in the ground. 
Fun stuff. :)

And here's more April Fool's themed stuff :)
Jammer art on the DE! 

Well, that's it for today! Post you reaction to my trick in the comments(of this post, please do not give away the trick on my Google+ post). Bye! :P


P. S. I can't wait until next year :)


  1. I knew such an enthusiastic player such as yourself wouldn't quit. Not TODAY!

    1. Lol, I see the flaw in my plan! Thanks about the enthusiastic player part! :D It's so interesting see stuff from different perspectives; that's what I like so much about comments :)

  2. LOL ik from the beginning it's a trick :p

    1. Aw man! Were you on a mobile or something with a super large screen? Because I realized if you're on a mobile, you automatically see the April Fool's Picture.

    2. No... I just know cuz it's April Fool's day and everyone's gonna try to trick others

    3. Lol. It's kinda obvious because it's April Fools and I know you will pull our leg. My classmates says "I can see your underwear!" and then it was just an April Fools prank.

  3. I hate April fools I feel like people are making fun of me also my name is April

    1. OMG your google name is so awesome i love teen titans

    2. Oh, well when we say April Fool's, we're not talking about people named April. It's merely tradition. By the way, yeah Teen Titans is cool XD

  4. At first I was like NOOOO and then I'm like oh wait it's April Fools day :P

  5. I had a mini heart attack there, for a moment.

    1. Lol sorry about that XD
      Next year's will be... less dramatic ;)


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