Friday, February 13, 2015

Almost 200,000 Views! Plus the Council and Valentines News

Hi buddies, this is Stang!

Whoa, we're at 199890 views! Only 110 more until we get to 200,000! :0

If you are the 200,000th viewer,please take a screenshot (lease don't crop it took much, we need good proof) of the view count and some significant part of the blog and send it to my email,, and you'll receive some cool stuff.*

*Okay, so I honestly don't know what to award the winner but at the very least, you'll get your username in big, bold letters on the next post and that will be cool. 

Meanwhile the council is voting on what big decisions to make for a 200,000 views celebration.

If you have any special ideas for what you think we should do (for example, bring back the Author's page or completely change the whole blog for a day), please let us know in the comments :D

You can take a picture with the Court of Fluff in my den!
Anyway, the new item is the Heart Rug.

By the way, Happy Valentines Day!

Learn how to grow crystals of any shape on the Daily Explorer!

I forgot if I told you before but there's a new code "friends" that you can use to redeem free gems.

That's it for today! Share to support and check out our pages and other posts to try to become the 200,000th viewer! Jam on, bye!


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