Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Mysterious Den Shop Cycle

Hi buddies, this is Stang, with a special post!

So a while ago Katiss605, former author and my buddy, showed me this huge link of crazy den shops. At each shop, there would be a huge group of items, for example 50 chairs placed in a pattern, and then a portal at the end of the den.

It was fun to see all the interesting dens, and you can too, by searching the person's username and going to their den. However, some dens made my (and Katniss's) computer lag terribly. 

Okay, first stop is Discoshop's den, with a huge disco dance floor made from multi-colored shelves. This is actually the first shop, but I identify the first den as the person's personal den, which is just a bunch of regular den items. I think this person is member (it's most likely that the person who made these den shops is the same person) because of a lot of color-changed objects.

Haha, it's a happy face :)

This one was really cool (and I really like the item as well) and could possibly be turned into a maze. 

This si the "Land of the Phantoms" den. It was super-cool and kind of creepy too, but they're phantoms. 

We have random conversations going on that might not make sense :P

Click read more to see all the other wacky den shops! (There's a lot more, and they're amazing.)

This one is one of the exceptions; it's a courtroom. 

Random note: I'm showing you all of the dens in order. 

Here's the Barrel Shop, which may never run out of stock. 

They even have these cool barrel of candies..? I don't know what it is, but it's amazing and that's what counts. 

This one was one of my favorites (my other favorite was the phantom den). It's really unique because you can't see the floor and the borders, so the den looks a lot bigger than it really is. 

It's so weird standing next to the roof 0-0

And here is the den with tables that really look like mushrooms. 

This si the seasonal tree den, which I like to call the forest. 
*Best place to play hide and seek in* (or maybe not for the seeker....)

This is the wacky library. Do you notice the pattern? You can really tell the creator put a lot of effort into creating these dens (and collecting the items). 


This si the portal den (be careful where you step!) and leads to all of the other shops. Playing "don't-step-on-the-portal" is fun. 

How did the person get so many portals?!

Haha our computers are going crazy >w<

Nyan cat! :D

Tac Nayn! D:<

This one is a random pon


The pillow spell out the message "HI THIS IS RANDOM". 

A ton of Egyptian stuff...

Wow, that was long! Anyway, thanks for reading, share to support, comment your reactions and jam on, bye!


Note: Don't forget to check out the daily post for the new item and other news :)


  1. I love this thing! My buddies and I just sorta talk there, it's like a common room that people are sorta always in. :)

    1. Cool! I actually thought it was like a secret labyrinth of dens that wasn't really widely known :P

  2. Don't forget flagshop's den portal den must've taken so long because they have to get them, light them, and place them.

    1. Oh yeah I forgot about the lighting part.

  3. come to my den in ah qwe53258 i got mlp pinky pie made of pillows!!!

    1. i want to see Pinkie Pie made out of pillows! and Nyan Cat and Tac Nyan from NyanCatShop and TacNyanShop... :D

  4. i dont know stang if your buddy is crash?

  5. I love the dens! I been thru it like, 4 times! and the "HI THIS IS RANDOM" at theshopsmessage's den doesn't show up for me, and I search it up; i never heard of flagshop's den until now o.o :O i just got logged out :l I AM NOT A ROBOT XD weird things in flagshop's den- #1-Caged Phantom #2-New Jammer Sturdy Table #3-New Jammer Blue Rug #4-2nd B-Day Cake #5-Lollipop Plants OMG SOME NM SEAL SAID SHES GONNA HACK ME BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE HER :D
    ~Cheetah87516 =)~

  6. The person who create these dens is Derpkitt.


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