Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lucky Party Tour, Gnome and Fountain

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

Sorry for the weird posting, I'm busy (as usual). If you are able to post well at least 3 times a week, please let me know! (There's a side gadget about becoming an author, too.)

There's two new items in the regular den item shop! They are the Leprechaun Gnome and the Clover Fountain. Why is the first item "Leprechaun Gnome" instead of plain "Leprechaun"? Leprechauns are supposed to be short in the first place so it's basically unnecessary...

Animal Jam got a mini-update; the Lucky Party has arrived!

The party is the same as last year. There's the sale stand near the top. 

Click read more to find out more about the party, what items you can buy, and about the Jamaa Journal!

There's six den items available: the Clover Balloons, Clover Table, Clover Chair, Patch of Clovers, Lucky Clovers and Pot O' Gold. 
(The names may not be exact because I had to memorize them.)

Here's the inside of the den. You can't stand on the table this year ;-;
Anyway you can buy the song in the upper right hand corner.

The song is called "Happy Go Lucky".

Click on the path of clovers for your own free clover! :)

The rest of the Jamaa Journal hasn't changed, except that the original front page turned into this:

That's it for today, share to support and jam on, bye!


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