Thursday, February 5, 2015

Adorable Owls, Animal Jam Hacked, and Jamaa Journal

Hi buddies, this is Stang!

Today's the day of the update--and the day owls arrive! :D
In addition, there's more news, like a new dne theme, new items, and, well, you'll see ;)

According to Webkinz78620, Animal Jam got hacked, and someone brought back the Summer Carnival as well as the New Year's party! In addition, many jammer's diamonds got stolen. Wjhy would someone do that ;-;

Sent in by Webkinz78620
There was also a protest right before the update; last minute requests for the owl to be non-member.

Sent in by Webkinz78620
There's two new items: the Heart Scarf and the Chef's Hat!

Hehe sorry I forgot this item, which is the Amethyst Birthstone, found in Epic Wonders.

Owls are here! They're so cute and amazing. I love them!

Unfortunately, they're for members. (Sorry protesters and nonmembers.)

This is what the buying page looks like. Notice something weird with the name? ;)

This si what the owls look like on the little identity card thing. Z(Is there an official name for it?)

Here are the Owl's moves!

This si the pre-released owl dance. They turn around and bring their wings up. 

Play: the owls spin their heads around, get dizzy, and fall.
(The follwing owl pictues have been sent in by Webkinz78620.)



Click read more to find out what the rest of the Jamaa Journal holds, like what den theme won the vote and more!

The Pizza Parlor won! Yay!

Here are all the items:

You cna ifnd out more about owl at the chamber of knowledge and the conservation museum. 

February 10th is National Internet Safety Day.Remember: don't give strangers your location, name, picture and more personal info. 

There's a new episode of Daily Explorers on the Daily Explorer. (What's Daily Explorers? I don't know.)
Whoa! Jammers sent a total of 65 MILLION valentines, good job!

Did you know there are 7 billion people living on Earth? 
No, don't worry, you don't have to send 6935000000 more valentines. It's just a fun fact ^-^

Anyway that's new time for today! I will be breaking the law of science today on Fun. Well thanks for reading, share to support and jam on!



Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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