Sunday, October 6, 2013

Haunted Forest Party, Feathered Mask, and Glitches

Hey jammers! This is Stang. I went to the Haunted Forest Party today, and saw a bunch of cool stuff. I took some picture for you guys. Here they are:

This is what the Haunted Forest Party looks like. Stand on the left to become nearly invisible. 

Go to the upper left of the place and click on the moon, and a bunch of bat will come at you. You'll also get a moon badge. 

You can buy 6 den items, 5 members, and one nonmembers. Be sure to buy them, because they'll become rare soon. 

Here are some Halloween hats. All members, unfortunately. 

There's also a song available, called "Old Spooky Bones". 

Also, the Feathered Mask has returned to Epic Wonders. You can buy it for 2,000 gems. 

Here's what it looks like in brown/tan on a wolf. 

And, now for some glitches, or maybe-glitches.

Either the mustache is a neck item, or this is a glitch in which the player is wearing two head items at once. 

Yes, Infinity Icypaw, this is a glitch indeed. Not only has the player disappeared...

But they are also an ocean-only sea turtle!

And for another glitch... The vote button goes over the other player's head!

Thank you for reading, that's all I have for now. See you on Saturday/Sunday!

the stangy stangerine stangoing with stangers in a Mustang


  1. Nice blog. I just noticed it. I'll add it to my other blogs list. I'd like you to add mine to your too. :)
    Play Wild!

    1. Well I have a blog too. I aleredy added stang's blog to mine. I can also add yours, from the rules you can't add the name of your blog in the comments. So if you want me to add your blog on mine go to the ''Blogs'' Section on this blog and you can add it there i think.

    2. Thanks Sweetpanda!

      Also, Sebo, please stop secretly advertising your blog >.<
      You can only do that on "Blogs" and it's kinda awkward...

  2. stang i already posted about the feathered mask >u<

  3. Lol, I just noticed that in the sea turtle picture, tehres a snow leapord singing what does the fox say XD


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