Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hey jammers! Guess what?


(It's me, Stang, posting right now.)

Anyway, the reason why I couldn't post pretty much this entire week (school week) is because my Internet went down right when I post, and also, I wasn't allowed to go on, due to school/stuff-like-that.

So I'll try to make up for it, but honestly, I'm pretty busy.

I managed to get some stuff that you guys might like to see, though:

Here's an Animal Jam ad I found while I was on

I received an email from AJHQ about them changing their Privacy Policy stuff. 

A glitch: water ripples on land? Must be because I'm kinda close to the water. 
(Want to see your hamster swimming on land? Go to the Kimbara Outback and stand on the left side of the water pool thing below the waterfall. Make sure your pet is the the left of you.)

Snowytaco and Crispymint will be posting on the weekdays now, and if possible, I'll try to post on the weekends. Thank you for understanding, please stick with the blog despite our problems last week! (I didn't know that I couldn't post beforehand.)

Thanks you! Please share and comment to show that you understand and to help the blog!


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