Monday, October 7, 2013

Surprising Monday Rare! And others :)

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco, and there is a good chance I'll be posting ALL week. Stang can't go on Animal Jam on weekdays, and CrispyMint got... in trouble (don't ask me what happened, she didn't tell me :P). Anyways, you might have been wondering why the title says "Surprising Monday Rare." I think you'll understand when you see this:

YUP! THE MONDAY RARE IS NONMEMBER BAT WINGS. It costs 750 gems only too, and is found at Jam Mart Clothing. Some of you might be all like:

Others might be like :

Honestly I didn't expect this to come to stores. I never had a pair of bat wings before, so I was laughing a lot when I saw this :)

Another new item I found was the Scary Barrel Sponge. It is an underwater item, and is sold at  Sunken Treasures. You can purchase it for 300 gems, but members only. 

And that's it for today!
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  1. I already got a pair of rare bat wing by trading :D (when they were non-rare).
    And i was really suprized when i saw them rare in my inventory. And now i saw them in jam-mart-clothing on the rare monday item and bough a second pair!


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