Sunday, October 20, 2013

Silly Arrow, Pumpkin, Ads, and New Game

Hi! Sorry for late post; I wasn't feeling well today and my Internet went down. (It's Stang, by the way.)

Anyway, there are 2 new items, 2 new ads, and a NEW GAME!

Here are the new items!

Silly Arrow, members, and the Jack-o-Lantern Head!

This is what you get when you enter the STAYSAFE code. 

Here are the new Animal Jam advertisements!
Credit to  NebularNight and Pinkypuma18!


The new game is here! It's not an Animal Jam game, but it's a game created by Stang, and it's about multiplying Despicable Me minions. It is a unique platform game for all ages.

To play, click here!

Thanks for reading! Please share to support! Also, try out my new game! :)


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