Sunday, February 23, 2014

Author Tryouts

Author Tryouts

Hey jammers!

It's been a little rough for the blog, so I decided to have an author tryouts.

There are some requirements, like time, safety, and other stuff. Most are rather obvious, though.

  1. Post everyday if other authors haven't already (at least first five days of the week, starting with Monday/Day-One
  2. Post on time. AJHQ's headquarters is in Utah, United States of America, and they update at their 1:00 A. M., so try to post after it, as early as possible. (Don't post before or else that's super-late.)
  3. You must have a Google account to post. 
  4. Be safe: Do not give away anybody's personal info, and use appropriate language
  5. Don't go off topic; no advertising
  6. Be kind and polite
  7. Must have good grammar and spelling
  8. Visit the blog daily; check up on it
  9. Must be able to take screenshots (not with a camera/phone/etc.; like a button on your keyboard)
Basically, show that you are a good blogger. 

If you want to become an author, just comment below with your Google account.

You must include your email, Animal Jam username, how often you visit the blog, and other info you would like us to know. It'd be nice if you let us know what other game you play, how busy you are, and about other factors that effect your blogging.

Sample: (By the way, the little smiley thing is the "profile picture".)

[(^-^)] Stangerine
Hi my username is Stangerine, and my email is and I go on your blog everyday! I am able to post everyday at 1:00 A.M. Utah time, and I like tangerines and this blog.

Thanks for reading! Share this important post to others to let them know an author spot it opening up!



  1. Hi, Buddies!
    My username is AfflictedByFiction and my email is
    I normally visit the blog every day unless something is going on.
    School impacts the timing and the fact that I'm Eastern time =\ I will probably be able to post 3:30 Eastern if no one else has already =)
    I LOVE Imagine Dragons a lot, hense the username >.>
    I really hope to be an author!
    Thanks buddies!

  2. My email is my user is huzaifaahnafisbak I visit the blog almost every day because I always receive notifications XD. I also play Minecraft . I am pretty busy because I have school and constant tutoring programs to go to. I know I probably wont become a author but good luck to everyone else. =3

  3. Hi! I'm Katniss605 and my email is i am on animal jam everyday and i take notice on a lot of updates. I should be able to post anytime when no one else has. I know how to take screenshots and I'm good at spelling. Thx!

  4. Hi! I'm wolfspirit12355770 on AJ and my email is I log on to Animal Jam everyday. I really like this blog and I am good at typing. I will try to post, but I live 1 hour earlier than AJHQ. I love updating on AJ and looking for cool, new items. Lastly, I can take screenshots. ;)

  5. Hey Stang it's your buddy ACC. I just made a blogger account.
    I don't want to be an author since I don't have time and I'm not on AJ often, but can I be part of the creative team? Like someone who does artwork and backgrounds for the blog. You guys could tell me what to draw or I could use my own ideas.
    I visit the blog mostly everyday. My time is limited and I may be offline a lot, but I would love to contribute to the blog when I can.
    My AJ username is ACC1687
    My email is

    1. That's a great idea! You can first give us some sample art/backgrounds and stuff, and I'll show the other authors. I think it's a good idea, but I don't know weather we actually need it or not, but you can send your art into the art page for now.

  6. I won't be able to post on time cause you time is tthe same numbers but when mine is am yours is pm :(

  7. Can I send you an e-mail? You will see what's my email then cause i'm not feeling saftly to right it here.

  8. Haha, you are not receiving any author's email because I will spam your email and then you will get confused. Stupid.

    1. See smart idiot?
      Blogger removed your comment.
      So who is stupid now?

  9. Replies
    1. Awww man! Well that's okay; I can tell them apart, as long as you don't have a sudden personality switch. I'll keep some milder ones for proof.

    2. Yea, but the hater is so anoying and is making me mad >:0.
      I reported this to Google. So they can delete the comments.

  10. Message to google: The anonymous ''Sebo G'' has faked me. Also, AJ Buddies Danger is hating this blog. Please delete both people's comments.

  11. I know I couldn't be part of this blog because of school and after school programs and I cant be up at 1:00 AM because for me it is like 3:00 or 4:00; and I just looked over this and wanted to tell Stang and the others that I LOVE your blog! It is so interesting, funny, and helps me keep up with AJ and good luck for the future of this blog; and good luck to all who enter!!!

  12. Hello! My AnimalJam username is Skiploompop, and my email is and I believe I would be a great author of AnimalJam Buddies. I'm an experienced AnimalJam player and blogger. I have been blogging for nearly a year and I've been playing AnimalJam for almost two years. I check your blog daily and I've decided I think I'm ready to become an author. I'm an Australian and because of that; my time zone is easy for me to get on at update times and every single night. I personally think I have great vocabulary, spelling punctuation and grammar, but that's for you to decide. I don't play that much games other than AnimalJam, I PROMISE that I will make as much posts as you wish. I will notify you what days I'm out - whatever way you'd like to contact me and I think this blog will be a lot of fun! I will not advertise, I will be safe, I will stay on topic and I will sign a contract if I have to - I'm really excited to have a chance to be an author. Thank you.

    1. If you'd like to see some experience in my Blogging, here's a link:

    2. You seem like a great author and your English is great, but Blogger says the blog does not exist.

    3. Oops! Sorry, I changed the URL. I should've informed you. Here's the link:

  13. Hey JS (Jamma Stang)! I would love to try out!!!!! I have pretty good grammar, and pretty good spelling! I'm 10 years old so I pretty much should be able to spell pretty well. Anyways! My desktop has snipping tool and the PrtScn button for Print Screen. It would be SO cool to be an author! If you don't pick me, that's fine. I wish everyone good luck!


Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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