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Fun: December 2013

Here's all of the posts form December 2013! Enjoy! ^-^


December 31, 2013

For a new land, would you rather have Sky, Underground. Dream, or Space?

What would they look like?

I, Stang, tried to photoshop some fantasized (over-exaggeratedrenderings

The background is actually a picture I got from Google Images, but I photoshopped some Animal Jam landmarks into it.

Below are the pictures, and some names of animals that would probably accompany these new worlds! :)

Space: aliens? I have no idea XD

Sky. (Sorry some of them are really horrible.)
Birds; Eagle, Vulture, Blue Jay, Robin, Toucan, etc. 

Old animal: bunny
New: Gopher, Mole, Chipmunks, Badgers, select Insects

I kinda thought this might be dream, but there's no rainbow stuff and magical unicorns flying everywhere, but not every dreams like that, right? 
Animals: Unicorns, Dragons, Pheonix, etc. 

Which one would you want the most?
What animals would be created to accompany these new worlds?

December 30, 2013

Today's Fun post is about... Pikachu! ^-^


No, not that Pikachu. Animal Jam Pikachu!
(Btw that's Snowytaco, and the GIF was created by Stang.)

And more awesome pictures... :)

Pikachu fainted :(

This is a really creative idea! Crawling out of an anthill using the Fox:play! 

Pikachu zap da world!

Hey look, we found Raichu! :D

December 27, 2013

Why's this on Fun? (Fun facts I guess?)

Pirate Swords.

We don't really know much about them so I'm going to tell you a bit.

This is what they used to look like, in beta times.
(Thanks Google Images; I wasn't playing during beta.)

Now, they look like this. 

They seem pretty cool, in addition to the fact that they're pretty much the only nonmember weapon. 
But what does it even do? If we could remove the sword from it's sheath, how can we hold it anyways?

This is pretty much the highest amount of attack you can do with it: 


Turn to attack. 

Who wants an AJ battle game? I might program it on Scratch! :D

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Stang's Christmas gift to you is a Christmas-themed platformer game! By pass the Grinch-ness and have fun with your Santa Hat!

The 25 days of Christmas....

December 11, 2013

Did you ever get bored when a game ended? Stayed the same each and every time? Well worry no more-- Stang created a randomly generated platformer! It never ends! (Unless you give up.)

December 8, 2013

What does the fox say?



It's off the rails! :0

December 7, 2012

Sorry buddies that the only thing I've recently been putting on Fun is games.

Anyway, if you love fan-fictionanime/that stuff, and shipping, then this is for YOU!

A new shipping game by Stang, and actually is pretty accurate!

December 1, 2012

Another new game by Stang! This game uses simple math to create beautiful patterns!

Thanks for reading! Share to support and go to the Fun page for more!

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