Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yay for Nonmembers! Items, Eagles, and More!

Hi buddies! This is Stang!

Today we have A LOT of new nonmember items and also, a member den became non-member! Yay!

Here's the items!

Form top to bottom:

  1. Heart Balloon
  2. Rose Gardens
  3. Amethyst Birthstone (they corrected themselves)
  4. Sunken Ship (more info below)

Wow! Finally a nonmember den! (Finally someything is can spend my gems on that doesn't take up clothes or den inventory. XD)

Also, there's the Jamaa Journal.

I can't really take picture because it takes too much time.

Here's a short summary: (not numbered by page #)

  1. Front Page: Sunken Ship for nms
  2. Now nm underwater den items
  3. Welcome to Jamaa button
  4. Friendship Festival
  5. Safe Internet Day
  6. Eagles are coming! Yeah! :D
  7. AJ Academy

About the new beginning, they have the panda alpha (Liza) show you around.

They even got a nonmmeber only shop for beginners with all that stuff you buy when you begin. Is it starting to become a stereotype?

YEAH! We beat the old top-page-views-in-a-day record! From 320 something to 416! Yay! :)

Thanks everyone for staying with the blog. Can we beat this highscore?

Also, the member sunglasses and the flower glasses are on clearance! 

Anyway, that's it for today! Share to support and spread the news! Bye!



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