Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feb. Jamaa Journal and A Whole Lot of News

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

Here's the Jamaa Journal I didn't post.

The new nm den is the Sunken Ship den!

Nm ocean den items have come and so has a welcome to Jamaa button!

Changes made around Jamaa for the Friendship Festival!

Internet and eagles!

AJ Academy is here!

You're probably confised about the title, because I already told you about the underwater den and stuff... but I guess it'd be nice if I gave you some insight and thoughts about it.

So I recycled my bunny.
(Do you animals turn into animal jam when you recycles them?)

And I bought a seal...
I used to have one before, but I only remember the first part of it's name, so I made a new one. 

So I bought a new Sunken Ship Den! :)
(Finally something to use my gems on >.<)

Note: I'm going to put random stuff on Fun.

Have you noticed that the Small Den is also for nonmembers too? Sweet!

Have you also noticed that the stuff on the side changed? Now they're tabs!

While changing my new seal, I noticed a glitch. See the grey line?

That's not it for today! New stuff coming to Fun soon and maybe a new poll! Bye!


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