Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Items a code, and More! Plus TWO Giveaways with More Prizes!

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco, informing you with the latest news!

The New Items Today are:

Heart Antennae Headband! Costs 300 gems, sold at Jam Mart Clothing.

Brand new Item! Cupid Wings! Costs 450 gems, sold at Jam Mart Clothing.

Brand New Item! Underwater Heart Rug! Costs 350 gems, sold at Sunken Treasures. Be sure to check out the new nonmember underwater den items too! 

News about Upcoming events!

Take the online safety quiz starting Feb. 11! You might get a plaque!

Have you heard about the printable Valentines? They come with a FREE gem code! One place to find these Valentine Tables is at the Temple of Zios. The new code is called 'friendship.'

With the code, you can get this:

Glitch and a Lucky Strike

So I was playing Temple of Trivia, and I found out I was the only one playing! 

Of course I won, but I only got 10 gems :P

Also, did you notice that when you trade items with the Rare Sign, the 'Rare' becomes extra tiny?

JelloKing is my brother. 

And the winner of my giveaway (from like a LONG time ago) was Webkinz78620! You won a free Phantom Watcher! :D 

SO NOW .... I AM HOSTING A NEW GIVEAWAY! With more prizes!
Possible prizes:

To celebrate President's day (and also Lincoln's B-day), the winner of this giveaway will get to choose one of the following items (Freedom helmet, Rare mech angel wings, Freedom cape) 

To Celebrate Valentine's day, a DIFFERENT winner of the same giveaway will get their choice of the items above (Heart locket, Pink purse, Red raccoon hat)

All YOU need to do is comment a random number from 100 - 2000 and your AJ username. Winners will be chosen after a certain number of people enter. I will be using this website to choose the winner.

And that's it for today! Share this with your friends and JAM ON!


  1. Thanks for hosting this giveaway SnowycTaco :) My number is 27.

    1. forgot to tell you, the numbers were from 100-2000, so i'll just make your number 270

  2. webkinz78620 537 for the first giveaway and the second is 896

  3. USername: Afflictedbyfiction
    Number: 1216.
    Thanks for hosting this!

  4. username: iceclaw28730
    random number: 1999

  5. 579 is my number. My user is superstargal16.

  6. My number is OVER 9000000000000000000000000 XD

    1. That's a great number to choose! With that, you'd have exactly a 0% chance of winning! :D (but really, you should choose a different number :P)

    2. O yuz the power levelz be over 9000.

  7. User:gal1212
    No. : 210
    I rly wanna win,cuz i never win anything :(

    1. Oh, and plz send me a jamaa gram saying that i won or an email at juliakacz9079@gmail if i win (like thatl ever happen)

    2. Ok! The numbers will be random so people have even chances of winning.

  8. um idk what post to post my prize i want on but ill do it here lol i want rare mech wings.

  9. My number is 635 user: zoura234
    And my lil bro wants to join his number is 826 user: discord23456


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