Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day with Glass and Ants!

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

Happy Earth Day!
Here's some Google pictures. I especially love the puffer-fish because it's so derpy.

What can you do for Earth day? Recycle, reuse and plant stuff in nice places. (Example: Plant an apple in your backyard. Not example: Plant an apple in your neighbor's yard.)
I'll try to post more easy Earth Day activities on Fun. 

Camo chamo

The new item of the day is the Offset Glass Shelves!
I felt kinda weird about something glass, although it is a greener alternative to wood, being the new item on Earth Day, so I Googled it and a wiki page of it showed up!

The Animal Jam Wiki already made a page on the day it got released? Whoa!
Click here for more info and all the colors of the Offset Glass Shelves!

A new creature feature about leafcutter ants on the DE! The perfect post for Earth Day! ^-^

I decided to take out the trash; I deleted all spam massages yesterday. 
We had 1072 spam comments in all. It took forever to delete them all, mainly because I scanned all of it to check that I wasn't deleting any good messages. I only found one :T

So much spam on Animal Jam Buddies. 

Deleting spam....
If Internet was a planet it would be much cleaner now :)
(By the way, you can click for a bigger picture.)

Cleared all the spam :)

I'm going to take down the Easter eggs. Who found them all?

Well that's it for today, bye! :)


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