Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shoes, Brazilian servers, Journal and is AJ bad for kids?

Hey buddies! This is Stang!

There's a lot of news today so I put a page break (sorry if they're annoying, but scrolling down forever may be too).

The new item is the Woven Shoes!
It's pretty cool, and reminds me of army style stuff.

When I was logging on, I saw this!
There were SOO many servers, and then I realized that they were repeated:

Look, there's Aldan and Congo. 

Scroll down, oh look there it is again!
Wait, but the upper Alden is full and the bottom one isn't...
Strange :T

This was a really intriguing but important topic I found. 

Is Animal Jam bad for kids?

Only if you hang out with the bad people or become one. 
I suggest that children play it when they are more mature or if they have parental guidance and safety stuff. 

Thank you SeboTheBest for sending these wonderful pictures of a new Brazilian server!
It's pretty much the same except for language difference and the flag. 

The map is a bit different too, in the words. 

Here's the little tab thing in the right hand corner. 


And the chat bar. Notice there's a Brazilian flag!

Talking about chat bars, there's a new button on the top right-hand corner!

And here's the new Jamaa Journal!

Giraffes are back! Yay!

I'm going to put a page break here because the post is super long. Just click read more to, er, read more! :)

New big cats are coming! Cool!
Also an article about keeping Jamaa safe. 

New adventures and prizes!

Earth Day is soon! :)

Well, that's a whole lot for ones day! Bye jammers, and share to support! :D


P. S. A (really really really) special post will come when the 50,000 views party poll is finished! :)


  1. Welcome :)
    BTW in my user there is no capital letters, it's written like this: sebothebest

  2. The new button is to resend a chat message that you have already said.


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