Monday, April 14, 2014

Rare Leaf Necklace and 50,000+ Views!

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

We just got 50,000+ views!

If you are the 50,000th viewer, please send me, or an other author, a screenshot of you being the 50,000th viewer and we'll give you some-kinda-prize-we-don't-know-yet.

This is like a huge milestone so does it call for a party? :D

Anyway, today is Monday at AJHQ, so here's the Rare Monday! (Or Rare Item Monday, RIM.)
The Rare Leaf Necklace! It looks pretty nice, although mainly for girls.

Here's a DE post of the new item!
It's actually a GIF where the giraffe moves and the leafs shake. 
Why do they put GIFS if they don't do much? 

I really don't understand the second and later paragraphs...

There's a new poll about new language servers! I put some top world languages and top internet languages. (Loltalk is not included! XD)

Well, that's it for today, bye! Share to support! :)


P. S. You can answer some of these questions in the comments:

(1) Should we have a party for the 50,000 views milestone?

(2) Why does AJHQ put GIFS in their posts if they don't do much? 


  1. Answer to questions:
    1. Defenetly!
    2. Cause they wanna show how the item looks on different animals.

    1. When I saw the GIF it showed a giraffe moving back and forth...


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