Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cyclops Elephant, Bike and Tiki, and Void Glitches

Hiya buddies! :D

This is Stang!

The new item of the day is the Dirt Bike!

There's also the Sunken Liza Tiki Statue, at the Sunken Treasures!

There was a weird void glitch at the Sunken Treasures. You should try it out, it's weird!

WARNING: Cyclops Elephant! XD
You can get all five pieces of Phantom Armor from the Adventures! :)
I heard different treasure chests give you different armor; AJHQ doesn't switch it up. 

Well, that's not it for today! I'm going to try to figure out a party time and put it on the side bar or as a mini-header. Also, a post from yesterday on Fun, and also today! :)

Bye buddies!



  1. Cool! May I use the dirt bike & Sunken liza statue picture? My computer is not letting me play AJ at the moment.

    1. Sure, but please formally give credit to me (my username, Stang) or the blog, Animal Jam Buddies or the link.

  2. I really want the ganulets and tail armor for my wolf but they aren't on anyone's trade *sighs* and i'm not a member

    1. Actually, I have an extra tail armor

  3. +stang about the party, I'm not going to be here. :( I really want to go but if u change the date people will probably get angry. Well, I just hope the party goes well. Save me some cake!

    1. Aww.. okay. And yeah, they might get angry.
      I kinda have to change it an hour early though, because I found out last minute I have to go somewhere on the hour of the party.


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