Thursday, April 3, 2014

New! Journal, Jam-a-grams, Pet, Doll, and Records!

Hey jammers! This is Stang! Wow it was kinda hard fitting everything into the title!

Aw man! There's already a new Jamaa Journal and I didn't take pictures yet! If any of you guys have picture of it, please sendit in so I can share it with the blog :)

Anyway, this issue's Jamaa Journal includes: (you guys are okay with verbals, right?)
  1. Wow! Pet eagles! They're so cute, just like the plushies!
  2. New Mystical Armor sold in the Diamond Shop!
  3. Sring egg hunt! You can get new eggs, like the Golden Egg, and they'll be rare! I'm not sure if last year's eggs are coming back...
  4. There's a new den: The Sol Arcade Den! If you buy it, honestly, it'd seem coler to fill it up with stuff other than games (well atleast not full with games).
  5. Giraffes have been treaveling for a long time, but now they're returning! Yay!
  6. Remember to visdit the April Fool's Party for upside down torches and food!
  7. The Temple of Trivia now gives you double gems! Just go there and learn geography! They're doing this in honor of a spelling bee :) In addition, Phantom's Treasure is now doulbe gems too! If you spend enough time on that, you'll eventually memorize where everything is and get a lot of gems! (Like thousands per round!)
Before other news, here's some stuff that relates to the Jamaa Journal's contents!

Here's a DE post about #2, the new Mystical armor and Sol Arcade Den!

Here's the new pet Eagle! :)
Looks just like the plushie! (Kinda, but it looks drowsy...)

Anyway, here's today's new item!
The Nesting Gilbert Doll!
(Gilbert is the tiger alpha.)

There's like 8 new jam a grams! Whoa!

Here's my favorite one:

We hit a lot of new records a while ago! Must have been my April Fool's post ;)

Here they are!

 This is a record on the daily veiws; originally the record was 416, not it's 447! :D

Whoa! We hit a REALLY hign record this month!
We got 8,198 views in March, compared to like 4000 somthing in February!
Whoa, keep up the good work jammers! XD

Well, that'sit for today, bye jamers! ~Share to support!~



  1. I'd appreciate it if you'd give credit for the Diamond Shop eagle screenshot. /)(\

    1. Sorry about that >.<
      I replaced it with the store one


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