Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gazelle, Buddy, Journey Glitch, and the Long Bow Mystery

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

The new item is the Gazelle Horns!
Isn't this a beta? It was also a Monday Rare, but that was only in one color, right? (I for got :T)
I heard it doesn't have all the colors, like Tail Armor when it returned, so some colors are much rarer than others.

Today I went on Stangerine, and look, I got a new buddy request!
But it looks different. It's much MUCH less cluttered and more simplistic. 

When you accept, this shows up. 
I know I told you guys this before,but I wrongly said it only showed up when both players are online. 
This person (I'm pretty sure) was offline. 

A glitch with the journey book! I think this is the first yet, besides one time when I doubled a Treehouse. (See How to Double Den Items.)

A Long Bow? I don't know if I know this item. I searched the blog and it didn't have any posts talking a

So I went on other blogs that post daily. And I found this on Animal Jam Spirit:
Amd other items like Long Bows and more beta items. 

Here's the 3 DEs!

Bye jammers!



  1. The long bow was released for testing from ajhq,although it is beta and it may not come out in stores for a long while, i have one myself! ~flowerpetal627 :)


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