Thursday, June 19, 2014

Peck, Birthday, Extras, Polls, and Hyena Carnival Color Imager

Hi buddies! It's Stang posting today.

Thank you Snowytaco for posting yesterday! I especially liked the Olaf GIF. :)

Today's new item is the Peck Tiki Statue!
It is part of the land tiki statue series!

I realized I didn't do the Google+ notification thing for the birthday post and the new Extras page. 

Well if you haven't read the post, click here to read it!

And here's the new Extras page! Right now it looks a little dull and bland because I only put one post, which was response to comments. I'll put more colorful stuff later ^-^

And here's some polls! Since they brought you to another page, I am now using a different poll platform so you stay on-site and it's more organized and neater. 

Here are four DE posts! I think Animal Jam Headquarters is posting more than one post a day now. 

Here is a short description of each post:
  1. Hyena facts, and a contest! Fit one (or more?) of every different animal character in animal jam into one picture!
  2. Summer carnival jammer art!
  3. New colors! And a mystery color! Last time in the old color palette, you could find the mystery color by clicking on the sides or in between colors! 
  4. Facts about an acoustic imager and echolocation. 

I might update the Extras page and make a new poll, but besides that, that's it for today! I have decided to delay the special mini-tour post and I will be working on ideas for more special posts!

Bye jammers!


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