Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jamaa Journal (Lot's of new Things!) and New Items

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco, reporting to you with the latest and greatest of AJ!

Like every other Thursday, the Jamaa Journal is updated, so here are descriptions and pictures of what's new.

Pet Giraffes are now being up for adoption at the Diamond Shop! 

The Crystal Palace, now the roomiest den available! It isn't cheap, though. 

The Lions are endangered! You can learn more about them in the Conservation Museum.

Fireworks, Freedom, and Fun! Join Jammers at the limited-timed Freedom Party!

YES! Hard Mode in Bubble Trouble is finally available! You can also access the Ocean Adventure Camp through Bahari Bay and play!

Rhino Stampede! Rumor has it that Rhinos will be returning to Jamaa soon!

50% OFF SALE AT EPIC WONDERS (I think only the green orb though)! Don't Miss Out, it's only like this for a few weeks! AJHQ's accessory contest also ends in 3-4 days!!! Maybe your item will be the next big thing!

Now for the New Items!

First we have the Straw Hat, a nonmember item sold in Jam Mart Clothing. To me, it looks like they put a straw tutu on a strange looking cob of corn... :P

New Pet Species discovered, and each Pet Giraffe up for 3 diamonds each! Aww, they're so cute and tiny you just want to hug them :'D (even the third one lol). BTW Rarity (character) reference for the second one X3 


New Ocean Base Camp Music! You can experience the underwater adventure in your own den!

Plus, the real Ocean Adventure Base Camp! Hard mode unlocked! (Click for bigger picture!)

Expensive Crystal Palace you got there! Is it really worth the 7 diamonds?

And that's it for today! Sorry for the late post ... 

P.S. New contest, it can be located in the Contests tab! Entries are appreciated!

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  1. I submitted my accesories contest drawing about two days ago before AJHQ out it on the jamaa journal. Do I have to submit it again or do I just wait and hope they'll see it?


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