Friday, June 6, 2014

Vine Lamp Mysteries, Top Commentators, Lemurs, and Purple Greely

Hi buddies!
This is Stang. Thank you Snowytaco for posting yesterday! :)

The new item is the Vine Lamp!
I heard many jammers wonder: how does it make light. Maybe fireflies live in it, petal power (just kidding), or there's a hole in it with a hidden light-bulb.
Also, do you realize that the lamp is perfectly square, and there's an outside bark pattern? Either it's 'fake', or they grew it in a square container.
The squareness and pattern of the lamp's wood reminds me of Minecraft wood blocks...

I added a new sidebar gadget on the left sidebar!
Top Commentators!
This will reset every month. Don't you want to have your name or Google account on the front page of the blog? Then start commenting! :)
(Snowytaco posted about this yesterday but I decided to add more info.)

I don't know if I posted this before, but I saw this new purple Greeely advertisement on Youtube. 

Read more for LEMURS! :)

Did you know lemurs are from Madagascar?
Here's a video from Braady Bar with a question: Are lemurs vegetarians?

There's still poll problems so I guess I'll take them down or use a different poll thing. If I do find one, check out Fun later for updates.
I found one! See the right sidebar for the latest poll!

That's it for today, bye!



  1. Lol i never knew i was a top commenter

    1. Whoa, your comments just exploded upwards! XD


    1. I know what your thinking when the bass stars ringing can you tell me when you stoked to start? Are you ready for tonight, settin it on fire, dancin till we're dumb in the dark, oooweeeeeee!!!!!!!


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